Will Be

You and me…

You with your blatant pleas, but manly hesitation

Me being a tease, but secretly hoping you’ll take me. 

We dance 

A two step of naughty words. A sexy picture to entice. 

Will you?

Are you wanting for me to ask, fall to my knees, beg for it? 

Will you… please? 

As I display so pretty and speak without words. 





Let us continue the tease, shall we?

The gift of spring

“Ma’am, you have mail. If you’ll just sign here, please.” 

She slids the package across the desk to me and I eye it with curiosity. I rarely get presents unless I buy them myself so I wonder who thought of me. 


I have enough sense to utter that before I move away, but my curiosity has me more distracted than is probably polite. 

In the safety of my room, I consider the gift. Victoria’s Secret is embazzled on the label and it’s direct from the store. Perhaps my mother sent me something nice. 

I open it. 

Definitely not something my mother would buy, but something I like. 

I try it on. 

Oh, spring has sprung with this pretty little present. 

I scan my brain and the answer pops up. I snap a photo of thanks for the lovely present and send it along. 

Nice presents always deserve a proper thank you. Always. 

For the record, I knew I was getting this. I’m just a lazy poster. Thank you to my friend for the lovely prezzie. ūüėė

You’re it¬†

Unedited as per usual, but I wrote something! 

I  know how you like it. 

Your sigh, each and every one, as you’re pleasured. The pitch of your cry as you tumble into ecstasy. 

I’ve seen your back arch hard, your ass held high as you keen with each thrust. 

The blush that stains your cheeks, above and below. The welts that rise as you gasp and clench your teeth, your face a picture of tortured pleasure. 

I can give you that. 

I will give you that. 

You sleep, so serene. I watch you breathe, the way your lips part on a sigh have me imagining them stretched around my cock. You turn to your side, pushing the covers away so your bare thigh flicks into view. 

I slip inside in the same way I plan to slip inside you. Slow, easy, and with the very smile I wear at this moment. 

You must sense me, feel the heat of my body as I move closer to your bed. I wait for that moment your body and mind almost connect…

Your gasp as I grasp the hair at the nape of your neck rises a growl in me that I don’t suppress. 

“Help,” you breathe out before drawing in a lungful of air to scream, “help, someone help me.” 

I push your face deep in the pillow, using the force to roll you to your stomach. You flail so pretty as I climb up to straddle you. 

Bare thighs and pretty cotton panties. Those panties disappear under the sharp blade of my knife. I smooth my free hand along beautiful skin I’ve only spied. Your thrashing increases threatening to buck me off. I simply smirk and punish that ass like every other man you’ve let touch you. 

You still beneath me, your cries muted by fabric. I lean over your back, letting my exhale tickle your ear as I settle over you. 


Your fight begins again just as I’d hoped. I delight in your thrashing, in your muffled cries, in your panic. Nothing can keep me from fucking you though. 

Will fright make you dry as I take what I want? Or will the fight make your cunt slick and ease my way into the heaven I long for? 

I can’t help my trembling or the tightening grip of my hand on your neck. It’s easy to undo my zipper and free myself, letting my cock lay like a pulsing beacon between your cheeks. I watch your back arch as you squirm, your shoulders bunching as you try again to push me off. Oh, sweet girl, soon I’ll be too firmly planted for you to ever unseat me. Mind… body… soul. 

Leaning over you again, I turn your head, wanting to hear you that cry the first time my cock takes your cunt. My lips tease your ear, inhaling you deep for just a moment as we both hover, knowing what comes next. 

“You’re it.” I whisper the words in your ear, letting my body find its way into yours. 

I don’t thrust in fast, wanting to feel every inch as I discover it. Your body resists, but I enjoy that drag. Your choked whimper is everything I hoped it would be the moment it leaves your mouth. 

Your hands fist in the sheets as I bottom out and our groans mingle in the air. The urge to move overwhelms my desire to stay buried forever so I heed it. I tighten my thighs around your hips and pull back so I can drive into the beautiful space your body creates for me once again. You wrap around me so perfectly that I slow so I don’t spill so soon. I move my hand around to grasp your throaty the way I know you like, my smile almost feral in the dim light. 

A moment this perfect deserves to be savored all night long, and many nights after.  

Like you want me 

I wanted to plug a delicious piece of fic I just finished. A Bitter Taste was written so well I looked at my work and wanted to weep. I’m a novice in comparison. 

I’m a sucker for well written stories, but well written erotica with a solid plot is so much better. She wrote scenes that made me squirm on so many occasions as I read. It was almost delicate how she showed the emotions. I’m super critical of erotica because I write it so to have my heart race, my thighs clench, and my brain spasm from the words? Oh. Yes. 

It made me think of how I like sex. Can I want it to be dirty and delicate at the same time? You can spare me the sweet words. Just say you want to fuck me and then do it. After I’ve given clear signals that I’m open of course. I’m easy to read usually and tend to be plain with my interest. My yes always means yes especially after I’ve reduced me to goo with a good spanking. That may not sound delicate, but man does it feel that way to me. 

Tie me down, or don’t, and then fuck me so well I can’t help but scream. Make me want to write about each sensation. Make me want to relive it when you leave. Make me feel empty and sore after you’re gone. 

Make me. 

Do it with careful finesse until I can’t be elegant or controlled in my response. 

It’s hard to find that and I’ve gotten to where I’d rather read/write about it because I’m not having it. I guess I want someone to figure me out and then treat me like they get it, but no one has patience to undo me. 

So I’ll have to write with the finesse I want executed on me. To make someone else squirm, brain spasm, pulse race. I want to leave some else a squirming mess. Do onto others as you’d want them to do until you. 


Unedited shortie

“This… I don’t think I can even go out of the house in this.”

It was black, tight, and far too short. Her breasts were barely contained and the hem just brushed mid thigh. She couldn’t really move and going anywhere other than the bedroom was out of the question. She glanced at herself in the mirror, nerves had her tugging at the bottom of the dress. 

“Do a nice slow turn.”

She lifted her eyes to meet his in the mirror. The way he looked at her, his hunger so apparent she felt it like a caress on her skin. 

Swallowing, she turned slowly for him. She wondered what he saw. Was it sway of her hips, the way her breasts pressed into the cups with each breath, or the flex of her thighs as she moved? Her pulse kicked up, a blush rushing to her cheeks. 

She faced the mirror again, her eyes rising to catch his. If anything, he looked like a predator. Every muscle bunched as though he meant to pounce on her. 

“I can’t go out dressed like this.” 

Her voice came out low and breathy as desire rose fast in the pit of her stomach. 

“Who said we were going anywhere?”

She blinked in surprise. “But the party…”

“Bend over, hands on the mirror.” 

His words were a growl that made her clit pulse. Her breath rushed out in pants as she obeyed. Bending forward, she knew what he’d see. Her bare bottom and her parted pink labia. She couldn’t help closing her eyes 

“Arch your back.” 

His voice registered close behind her and she ached for him. She let her back arch, spreading her legs so he could look his full. The very air seemed to change, becoming a caress. 

“Good girl.”

She shivered, her skin prickling with so much awareness. She couldn’t help her moan when he placed a hand on the small of her back. 

“We’re going to stay right here until I’m sure you understand how good you are.” 

His fingers trailed down to brush along her parted lower lips. 

“Yes, sir.” 


I’ve been unsettled lately. Disconnected and struggling with feeling competent in my everyday life. It honestly feels like I’m coming undone and I hate that feeling. 

Work has been sucking the life out of me, but I can’t blame everything on work. 

My thoughts have been circling around self-care and what that means in my life. I’m honestly not sure what form of self care I need in order to reconnect. 

I’ll turn the corner I think. I have to. 


It’s been tough getting myself to sit down let alone find the words necessary to write. I’m not sure where my desire has wandered off to, but I want it back. Here’s something to maybe wake my muse. 

Malta tried to melt into the terra-cotta wall, praying the two girls on either side of her would overshadow her slight presence. It should’ve been an easy task considering the girls. Armia on her left was an Amazon with a body to match, while Resha to her right was a beautiful onyx color with a shorn head and wide hips. Malta was a figure in between beautiful in her own right, as is fitting the pleasure slaves owned by the King, but nowhere near the heights of the other women. 

Maybe that would leave her unnoticed another night. She’d been trying to stay under the radar for months, but something in the pit of her belly made her fear her time was up. 

“Look at all the sychopants out tonight,” Resha said with a bored sigh. “No one worth revealing my breasts for.” 

Armia laughed loud enough to draw a few eyes their way. Malta squeezed hers shut and hoped they’d return to the activities instead of them. 

“I see a few I’d reveal more than my breasts to.” Armia’s purr made Malta shiver. 

“I’d like to escape back to my room.” Malta mumbled the words under her breath and gazed longingly toward the exit through the moving bodies. 

Fingers tickled down her back, causing another shiver. She cast a narrowed gaze at Armia. “Not before you’re used tonight, little flower.” 

Malta bit her tongue to prevent the angry words building up in her throat. She swallowed them down and focused all her attention on blending in to the wall. Some slow deep breaths, a simple tuning out of the ruckus around her, and she felt the herself slip away mentally. 

After what felt like hours, the party began to wind down. Her anxiety decreased by the second as the last of the dances were completed and people began to pair up. 

Armia had disappeared with a tall, thin man an hour ago. Her cries could be heard over the din of the room so she couldn’t be too far. 

“It’s time for me to retire.” 

Resha’s words startled her out of her focus. Malta looked up to see the other pleasure slave slipping through the crowd, leaving her vulnerable in the too busy room. 

Malta made to follow, hoping the crowd and the party winding down would give her enough cover to get out. 

Gathering her courage, she let her bare feet carry her into the bodies. She tried not to touch anyone, staying close to the wall and keeping her head down. The hall was in sight, her speed increasing with her need to be through and free. 

A hand wrapped around her forearm stopped her forward motion. She nearly stumbled with the abrupt stop. 

“What have we here? A free pleasure slave.”

Malta spun around to face Tabor, the King’s high guard. He was a beautiful with his shoulder length wavy hair and full lips, but the cruelty in his eyes made him someone Malta purposely avoided. 

He eyed her now and she wished she had more cover than the thin mesh dress that revealed every inch of her body. 

“The King just remarked that he was in need of relief.” He pulled her close until he could whisper in her ear. “And I find I could use some relief as well.”

Something shimmered through her, but she ignored it. Hanging on to her anger at being stopped instead. 

She clenched her teeth as he led her from the room opposite of where she wanted to go. So close, she thought as she gazed longingly behind her. 

They moved down the hall that led only to the suites of the King. Malta resisted the urge to drag her feet, knowing it wouldn’t stop what was to come. It was hard to tamp down her fear as Tabor tapped lightly at the double doors. They swung in, flooding the dim hallway with light. 

“Tell me you’ve brought me something to slack this thirst I have.” The King’s voice floated over the large room, sending Malta’s heart racing. 

Tabor glanced down at her, his dark eyes glinting as he smiled. “Oh, I believe this will satisfy. Something fresh and untouched.”

She swallowed hard and lifted her chin. How he knew she was untouched was beyond her, but she hid her shock choosing to present a strong front. She could get through this just as she’d gotten through everything else since the beginning of her life. 

Tabor drew her around in front of him so she face the room. With a quick flick of a knife, her gown lay at her feet and her body bared to the room. A hand snuck around to grasp her breast, drawing a shocked gasp from her. 

His breath blew across her bare shoulder seconds before his lips brushed her ear. “Present yourself to the King, Malta. Let him have you first so then I may have you all to myself.” 

He rolled her nipple between his fingers, drawing it to a point before releasing it. He stepped away from her, leaving her face hot and her back cold. 

Malta didn’t want to move, but the sharp smack to her bottom propelled her forward with a yelp. As she moved, her hands crept up to cover her breasts and her sex. 

“Hands down, Malta. Do not hide what no longer belongs to you.”

Tabor’s gruff voice held a warning, one she knew to heed. He was known for quick hand with the whip. Many a person had returned to the slave quarters with ribbons of skin on their backs missing because of Tabor. 

“And what have we here?”

As she approached the bed where he reclined, the King’s eyes roamed over her form. She could feel it like a caress and had to suppress her shudder. 

He was still young and fit, still handsome even though his brown hair had started to thin on top. While less of a warmonger than his father before him, he wasn’t known for being gentle or kind in or out of his suites. 

It was the stories that had made her dodge coming into this room. Even knowing it was her duty to serve him, Malta feared giving herself to him. The beatings, the screams, the way the girls were confined after to recover… 

“Very pretty, Tabor. Did you pick her yourself?” 

The King beaconed her on to the bed. She climbed onto the feathered mattress with great reluctance. Too bad she couldn’t truly enjoy the first nice bed she’d ever been in. 

“I did, Askha.” Tabor’s voice came close behind her, but she didn’t turn around. 

The King caressed her face before trailing a finger down to her collarbone. “She’s just what you like.”

“You know my tastes well.”

He glanced over her shoulder at Tabor, an unreadable look in his eyes. The King smiled suddenly, the move softening his face considerably. 

“I do indeed.” He turned to sit up, turning so they faced one another, spreading his legs out in front of him. 

The folds of his robe parted to show his thighs. A hand between her shoulder blades urged her forward until she was on her hands and knees before him. Malta watched as the King parted his robe further to reveal his cock. 

Malta felt Tabor’s hands on her ankles pulling her thighs apart. She tried to turn in protest, but the King reached forward to capture her hair in his fist. 

“Uh uh, eyes on me, pretty flower. Tabor will take care of things, but I need you to take care of me.” 

Before her eyes, his cock hardened to an impressive length. Did he expect her to place her mouth on him? 

He chuckled as he gripped himself at the base. “Don’t be shy. That mouth of yours is made to receive cock.” 

“Her whole body is made to receive cock.” Tabor patted her bottom then slid two finger along her lower lips. 

The King drew her forward, holding her hair fast. She considered resisting, but knew it would only earn her a beating. So when the tip of his cock touched her lips, she opened to receive. 

“Good girl,” the King breathed when she closed her lips around around him. “Now suck.”

Malta closed her eyes and tried to do as he asked. She knew to watch her teeth and keep her suction tight. The faster she worked the faster she’d find herself back in her room. 

“She’s quite good.” The quiver in his voice gave her a secret thrill. “Now tell me how her cunt feels.” 

The bed dipped around her knees and she paused. The hand in her hair tightened, warning her to continue. 

“She’s untried, something I’m sure your not used to, Askha. I’d rather take my time discovering her.” 

Calloused hands parted her bottom so her lower lips splayed open. Her thighs shook from the foreign feeling of being so exposed. The coolness of the room hit her a brief second before moist heat slicked inside her. 

The pleasure took her by surprise, forcing a low moan from her that vibrated along the King’s shaft. His grip tightened, pulling her further down on him. Malta sucked harder in response. 

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but she seems to like it a lot,” the King gasped out. 

“Giving her a little pleasure.” Another lap of a tongue and Malta thrust her hips back.

“To soften her up I assume.” 

“There she is.” Tabor pressed a kiss to her thigh before he stopped touching her. 

Malta’s disappointment made her slow for a moment before she focused on her task. She redoubled her efforts once again, aiming to please the King. 

Tabor’s hands circled her waist. She felt the blunt tip of him probing at her entrance. There was no way to protest the way he invaded her body with her mouth so full. He filled her so quickly, spearing her and breaking through thin barrier of her innocence. Tabor gave her no time to adjust and the King demanded his pleasure. 

“And how does she feel?” The question was strained as it was asked. 

“Hot, tight, and wet. Exactly as I knew she’d be.” 

Tabor punctuated each word with a thrust, driving her forward onto the royal cock. 

“Perhaps you should take this one as your own, Tabor. I believe you’ve earned yourself a dedicated slave.”

Fingers touched at the apex of her thighs, circling her clit and making her hips rock back into each thrust. 

“Thank you, my King, you are far too kind to me.” 

The King choked on his laughter. “Drop the facade. You would’ve asked me for her anyway. Or taken her when I wasn’t looking.” 

“Again, you know me too well.”

Tabor drove into Malta hard, the feeling of him inside her sending a spiral of sensations through her. It was foreign and made her want to squirm away, an impossibility with the way both the King and Tabor held her. 

“Ah, I feel you, Malta. I’d treat you like the good little slave you are. No more avoiding me and plenty of you coming on my cock.” 

She closed her eyes, but was unable to fight off the rising sensation in her core. As the King used her mouth, and Tabor used her cunt, Malta’s world narrowed and then expanded to explode around her. 

The King held her head hard, his cock pulsing as he came down her throat. She sucked, her mind a blur. 

Tabor pushed through the ripples of her body, striving for his own completion. She simply collapsed between the King’s legs, spreading her thighs wider to receive Tabor’s thrusts. 

“That’s a good girl. Such a good girl.”

He came with a roar, the heat of him filling her up. 

“Well, I’m sated.” The King clapped his hands and rolled away. “You may have her moved into your room this night. Try to show up for duty on time in the morning.”

“I’ll try, my King.” 

Her mind was slowly coming back around and the realization of what had happened hit her. Malta would’ve collapsed completely, but he held her fast. 

“No avoiding me now, Malta.” He thrust gently and her body fluttered around him. “I wanted you and now I have you.”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Another change in her constantly changing world. 

Pragmatic dreams 

Lynn descended another level into the depths of the building, unsure what she’d find. 

A woman stood proud in the center of the bare room. People with their faces turned to the ground poured around her, exiting as quickly as they could down to the next floor.

She stood to the side, out of sight for fear she’d be caught spying. The activities on the other floors were such that she knew if they saw her she’d be forced to participate. 

It was impossible to ignore the woman’s beauty. Clad in a skin tight uniform, her pose would’ve been military perfect if not for the sultry smile on her face. The air was heavy with an ominous tone that made the hair on the back of Lynn’s neck stand on end. 

Clinging to the wall, she watched as the woman moved toward a large, opaque tube at the back wall. Something big bumped the tank and Lynn had to stifle the urge to scream. The woman faltered a step, but carried on with a poise that was impressive. 

The cylinder opened revealing a man he leaned out with a grunt. Lynn recoiled, quickly revising her assessment. Not a man so much. He – and she could only ascertain that from the large phallus dangling from between his tree trunk thighs – was a sickly greenish gray color and covered with red pockmarks that marred his face the worst. He drew in a breath as the woman neared and the way his chest expended, ribs expanding like gills, made Lynn cringe. 

“I’ve… I’m here to help you.” 

Her voice shook. There was no diguishing her uncertainty. Lynn wanted to run to her and drag the woman away. Before she could even inch forward, the creature pulled the woman into the chamber. 

The terrible sound of fabric rending filled the air and with it the woman’s screams. Lynn wanted to look away, but couldn’t look away from the sight of the thing pinning the now nude woman to the opaque glass. He bared his black teeth at her before kneeing her thighs apart. 

It was brutal to watch and hear. Lynn trembled each time he rammed into the woman and dug her nails into her palms with each scream. 

When the creature wrapped a huge fist around the woman’s throat, pulling her down tighter with each thrust and cutting off her oxygen, Lynn finally broke and looked away. She tucked herself further back in the corner and prayed the other woman survived. 

Lynn knew the moment he came. It was with a loud, floor shaking roar that seemed to rattle her bones. 

There was but a moment of silence before a low slurping sound came to Lynn’s ears. She opened her eyes as the creature tossed the woman out of the chamber. 

The woman’s body slid across the floor and landed within a few feet of Lynn. The woman’s vacant eyes stared back at her and Lynn had to swallow back the vomit that raced up from her stomach. 

In times of uncertainty 

Funny times we live in, huh? 

You wonder if it’s a precursor to something or the beginning of a change (good or bad) that’s been long in coming. 

I’m struggling a bit with my weight, writing, starting a new job. I’m unsure if I like where I am or if I need to start something different soon. 

As it is, I have to keep moving I guess.

Hopefully I remain safe in this current political storm. 

Hopefully I find satisfaction in my career again 

Hopefully, I start treating my body better 

Hopefully I make a decision on what I want to be or do. 

Hopefully my desire to write returns

A new tattoo? A new piercing? A new me? Who knows.