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This little segment may be something I do regularly, but I never make any promises when it comes to writing or this blog. Just know I have a topic I’m going to write about. 

Song of the day: Litost

My mind has been circling around how deeply erotic being taken is to me. 

Sex has always had both good and bad elements to it. Shame and guilt, fear, lust, and a need to find utter satisfaction at the hands of someone else. I’ve always circled around force and how being made to have pleasure absolves me of the pleasure I’m receiving. The helplessness of it all makes it far more pleasurable for me. The shame is something I don’t push away so much anymore. It’s part and parcel of the act, and even the presence of it sharpens sex for me. 

There’s another part of the whole thing though. I like the aspect of being a woman and that I can receive. While there’s something empowering about being the agressor who can fuck someone else, I’ve always loved the mental state being the receiver puts me in. It almost feels wrong to admit to it, but it is what it is. 

I have a mouth, a cunt, an ass that can all take. I open myself up, I am opened by the conquering ingress of something powerful. Something power that will give me pleasure. 

My shame aside, being a conquest of some kind arouses me to uncharted heights. 

It’s hands around my throat, it’s arms bound, it’s having a cock push to the very depths, it’s the mental thought of it all, it’s wanting the force, it’s being on bottom or top and feeling the driving thrust of someone inside me. I like how it makes me submit to the vulnerable me. 

I can be taken, I want to be taken. I’m not easy admittedly and that’s what makes the ones I do submit to conquerors. If you’ve peeled back my layers, gotten me to step out and met you, gotten me to like you, aroused me, then I can be taken with ease. 



“We’re going to try something different.”

I glance up at him from my place on my knees. Sweat drips into my eyes and I wipe it with my sleeve. I’m struggling to bring my breathing back under control from the leg work he just made me do so I just wait for him to direct me. 

“It’s time to give you some extra incentive for this next workout.” 

He steps close for a minute; so close I have to really crane my neck to keep eye contact. His baby blue eyes sparkle even if his face looks bored. I blink in surprise when he grabs my chin to hold my face still. 

“This is going to be hard, but I think you’ll enjoy it.”

He stares down at me for a moment before stepping away to close the multipurpose room door. I hear the snick of a lock and my slowly settling heart rate picks back up. Sweat continues to drip from my body as I sit frozen on the floor. 

I watch him move some equipment around the room. One of the red and black  raised platforms we use for leg workouts makes it to the middle of the floor along with a couple of the larger kettle bells. 

He beckons me over with a crock of his finger and I raise up on shaky legs to go to him. I shift from foot to foot in front of him, trying to stop my mind from racing with questions. He doesn’t mean what I think he means, does he?

“Your fitness assessment is next week and I want your measurements to really show the work we’ve been doing.” 

He grabs the 20 kilo kettle bell and makes a motion for me to assume the position for squats. A thread of disappointment worms through me, but I squash it. This is a professional relationship, his only concern with my body is helping me get trim and toned. 

I do two sets of fifteen seated squats with the weight and then grab a drink of water. When I turn to head back to the bench, he’s seated on it. His sweatpants are pushed down to his knees and his cock stands erect. The head is blushed red and leaking, and I can’t swallow around my dry throat. 

Lust hits me like a mac truck and suddenly I’m almost too wobbly to continue walking. “What–” 

“Come over here and we’ll do the last set of squats together.”

He pats his thigh and I walk closer in a daze. I let him turn me so I face the mirror. His hands span my waist for a moment before I watch him drag my sweaty workout pants and panties down to my knees. A soft groan echoes around the room when my ass is bared. 

“Definitely getting more toned,” he whispers. Clearing his throat, he points to the 32 kilo bell. “Next set. I’ll guide you through it. Remember, head up. Look at the mirror.”

I nod, bending to reach for the weight. This time when he groans and grips my hips, I realize what he sees as I straighten up. I force myself to concentrate on my breathing instead of what we’re doing. 

“Nice and slow.”

I let him ease me down until I’m hovering over his lap. The head of his cock parts my lower lips and I shake as he guides himself inside me. 

“Slowly,” he rasps out as he fills me. “I want you to really feel this.”

Oh, I feel it. I just stare at the mirror, watching between my legs as I sink down on him. My cunt squeezes and my body shakes as he holds me against him. He’s snug inside, my body fighting to adjust to him. 

“One,” he whispers in my ear. “Again.”

I rise, my body reluctant to release him,  but I stand tall. His cock glistens between my thighs, a deeper red now than before. I hold my gaze in the mirror, note the sweat on my face and the glazed look in my eyes. And then I lower myself like a good girl. 

This time he holds me above him longer, thrusting his hips so the head glides in. My thighs burn, but I hold for him until he pulls me down. 
“Two.” He pushes me up, patting my hip when I’m standing. “Only thirteen more and I’ll let you come.” 

This time I groan, but let him lead me into the next squat with his promise to motivate me. 

Nine Inches

The pulse of Closer seemed to vibrate through her body. She lets it carry her on to the packed dance floor, lets the song move like a driving wave through her body. 

She gets lost in it. 

She felt his hands on her hips. Big hands that seemed to span her entire waist. He pulled her back into him and she went with a smile. Her soft curves melded into the hard lines of his body as she let him lead them into a hard grind. 

I want to fuck you like an animal 

I want to feel you from the inside 

I want to fuck you like an animal

My whole existence is flawed 

You get me closer to God

The music changed to something slower, nastier. One meaty hand trailed down her thigh, gripping the short hem of her skirt and dragging it up. Her smile deepened when she felt the vibration of his groan. 

He found her bare and wet, his thick fingers splitting her puffy lips before diving into her core. A few thrusts and she was coming, her ass grinding back into the thick bar tenting his jeans. 

“Damn,” he murmured into her ear. “You’re more than ready to take me.” 

She only smiled, grinding harder as he fingered her. Determined to get him to fuck her right there on the floor. 


Found this prompt. Here’s an unedited shortie to go with it. I’ll continue it soon

He narrowed his eyes at the mousy woman staring back at him. Her wire-frames made her dull blue eyes large behind the thick glass, and each slow blink made his blood pressure spike that much more. 

“What do you mean, ‘she hasn’t worked here for weeks’?” 

One eyebrow lifted and disappeared into the long wisps of her bangs. “She was fired three weeks ago.” 

Her tone grated on his nerves. As though he should’ve known his darling wife had separated from the job she’d just this morning told him was going wonderfully. He had to suppress the urge to growl at the woman before him, even if her attitude left a lot to be desired. A hand to her ass would bring her in line. 

The idea cooled his boiling temper and raised his temperature in a completely different way. 

His wife had some explaining to do and he had the perfect way to extract the truth. No sense exploding now, save it for later. 

He straightened up and gave a toothy smile to the woman in front of him. “Thank you for your help, miss. Have a lovely day.” 

The woman mumbled something as she turned back to her computer screen. He was moving to the entrance of the building having not heard her words, his mind was too busy concocting the perfect way to confront his wife. 

She pulled into the driveway, anxiety making her chew her lips as she placed the car in park. 4:45 on the dot; the exact time she should be home, with commute, from work. 

Thinking about work made her palms sweat. She wiped them on her pencil skirt, trying to calm herself as she stared at the garage door. Glancing at the rear view mirror, she knew lines etched along her face from worry. 

“Maybe you should just tell him. Three weeks is a long time to lie about being let go.” 

She sighed and laid her forehead on the steering wheel. Why had she lied? 

The way she’d been let go was appalling. She was being harassed by her coworker and he managed to discredit her and get her fired when she’d rebuffed him. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t tell her husband, about the harassment or being let go. Something had stayed her tongue. Maybe embarrassment or pride? Either way, she pretended to leave everyday at 6am and either sat at the coffee shop and looked for jobs or drove to the park. 

Maybe today was a good day to fess up. Her lie was sitting like a lead weight on her chest. She knew he’d be mad, but she needed to tell him before he found out anyway. 

A knock on her window jolted her out of her pep talk. She looked up to see her husband smiling down at her. The smile she offered back died a little on her lips when she saw the hard look in his eyes. 

Some sense, like a inkling of knowing, told her she’d already been found out. 

He opened her door, beckoning her to come out with a crock of his finger. “Come in the house, love, I’ve got something lovely prepared for you.” 

She swallowed hard, dread keeping her frozen for a beat or two. When she managed to climb out of the car, gathering her purse and briefcase from the passenger side, the hand gripping at her neck guided her up the driveway and into the house. 

The door closed with a thud behind them as he took her belongings and sat them by the coat rack. 

He turned her slightly, pushing her against the wall and leaning in to whisper in her ear, “We have so much to talk about, don’t we, love?” 

It was much harder to swallow around her much dryer throat. His lips trailed along her jaw, confusing and arousing her. 

“Much to talk about.” 

Faded photograph 

Sara placed her ear on her mama’s chest and listened to the rattle rattle that lived inside her. 

“Mama, you’re rattlin’ again.” She giggled as she listened. 

Her mama gave a great wracking cough that vibrated her whole head. It silenced the rattle so all she heard was her mama’s faint heartbeat. Sara heard the flutter of the hankie, felt it brush her face, and knew mama wiped the red liquid from her lips.

“The sound won’t be around for much longer,” came her mama’s low whisper. 

Sara scrunched up her little face. Not around much longer? It had been around for a whole month so far. Getting louder and louder anytime her mama breathed. 

“Where’s it gonna go, mama?”

Raising her head, Sara looked at her face. It was thin, thinner now than when mama had lost her baby brother a month ago. Her gray eyes only had the slightest sparkle to them. Her mama’s smile was still there, if only briefly. 

“Just away, Sara Jean. Everything goes away in time.” She heaved a deep sigh as she said it, gathering Sara’s hands up and gripping them tight. 

“Like my boo boo did?” She paused and thought hard. “Like baby brother did?” 

Her mama’s eyes grew sad and a pressure settled in Sara’s chest. She woulda rubbed it, but didn’t want to let mama go. 

“Yea, just like that.” Her mama gave another hard squeeze before resting back on the bed. “Rest here a while with me until your daddy gets home, I want to hold my baby for a bit.”

Sara was too big to be cradled like a baby, but she nodded slowly. After a minute, she lay her small head down on her mama’s chest. She listened to the rattle and let herself be held. 

Make me…

Unedited quickie

She woke with a start. A finger trailed down her spine and she had to suppress a shudder, remembering the role she’d had thrust upon her. Instead she stretched out, flexing her body in open invitation. 

Her hips settled back into a lap, her bottom cradling the length of a very hard cock. She wiggled, signaling her desire even as her mind calculated how quickly this would be over so she could plot her escape. 

Squeeze the cum from this thieving bastard, find her sister, find a transporter to… 

Her thoughts were cut short as he parted her thighs and slid deep into her body. She exhaled with a breathy sigh, her mind shorting out as her body opened wide for him. 

There was little time to adjust as he set a hard pace, pushing her to her belly and applying a bruising grip to her hips. Her mind truly jumbled as every part of her focused on the storm gathering deep in her cunt. Her plans be damned. Nothing mattered except the way this man claimed her, except the masterful way he rushed her headlong into the most explosive orgasm ever. 

“I know exactly what you’re thinking.” His voice rasped in her ear as he continued to devastate her. “How am I going to get free from this man after he’s possessed me so completely?”

Her sex adled brain struggled to comprehend his words. “What?” She could do no more than whimper and gasp under his heavy thrust. 

She was so close, her body wound taut and ready to dissolve.

“Because I keep what I claim, always.” His teeth sank deep into her shoulder, pushing her right over the edge. 

She came with a scream, shuddering around the cock buried inside her. Her singular thought through it was the need to feel his cum bathing her insides. More than needing to breathe, more than finding her sister in that God forsaken place, more than her freedom. 

As the first warm spurts filled her, she shuddered anew. The heavy weight of him atop her was a comfort as he emptied himself at the entrance to her womb. She could do nothing except take it gladly even as her freedom slipped away. 

She didn’t feel the weight of the chains on her limbs until her mind cleared. His lips caressed her shoulder where he’d bitten her, bringing her mind around to the sting. Dread followed quickly after. 



Something to jump start my writing. 

Exhibit A asked for fantasies so I sent along one of mind. My fantasies are complex, a longing to be dominated and have my desires both ignored and satisfied at once. I tried to communicate it in the 200 words I offered him. Check out the other fantasies showcased

It’s always the same. 

Face buried on the pillow, the scent of the hair product I use filling my nose, and muffling my groans. Back bowed with each thrust, the power of it making me ache all over. The rapid ingress, both unwanted and desperately needed as this nameless man takes what he believes rightfully belongs to him. 
My body, pressed and used harder than it’s ever been used before. And the unmistakeable presence of his hand around my neck, reminding me of my precarious position even as pleasure burns like fire through my body. 
“You want it so fucking bad, don’t you?”

He grunts the words in my ear as he uses me. I do, I do, I want it. 

I want to feel every hard inch. Each stroke rougher than the one before. I want to feel him bottom out, making me squeal each time. I want him to ignore my cries, squeezing at my neck enough to remind me of my place. I want bruises on my hip from his grip and aches all over my body from the use. 

I want to cum from the brunt of his aggression and cum again because he’s not done with me yet.

When desire and time collide 

You get boobies. 

There are a few posts wasting away in my draft box and in my mind. Starting a new assignment and resetting my brain takes time.

I think about those people who’ve left the blogging world because of a multitude of reasons. Time is always the biggest one. This site means a lot to me. Considering I’ve been blogging pretty steadily since 2004, I can’t imagine not having this place in some shape or form. 

But time is a bitch. 

My desire and time collide and I’m left wondering which will win. Writing is an outlet, an expression of things I’m untangling. Maybe it’s time to challenge myself to write something everyday for a while. Just to get the tangles out 

In the meantime, enjoy the boobies