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Prompt: razor thin
Word count: 200

The razor glided through the frothy foam, laying waste to the stubble that dotted his chin. A couple of quick swipes and his face was baby smooth. Clearing off the steam fogged mirror, he admired his visage. Other than a thin spot at his crown and some gray at his temples, he was as heart stopping as ever.

“You are one sexy son of a bitch.” He winked at his reflection and exited the bathroom with extra jaunt in his step.

Today was his day. His promotion was coming down the pike, he just knew it. He pulled on his best suit, tie, and loafers, a song by Boston played on loop in his head.

He hummed it through his morning commute, contentment and excitement making him sing out when he’d normally remain reserved. The possibilities of today, the hope had him giddy. He rehearsed his gracious words of acceptance for the promotion. Years of hard work paying off

His boss intercepted him on entry, herding him into the office that would his someday.

“Harold, I’ve got some news from above. We’re —”

“Thank you for recognizing my talents.”

“Letting you go.”

And his world crumpled and turned to ash around him.


      1. I’ve been interested in participating since the time I saw you post your contribution. I’ll try but this is is not a good week for me. I’ll see what happens.

  1. There is a fine line –a razor thin one in fact– between good and bad. Amazing how quickly a day can go from sublimely giddy to suicidally glum. Great take on the prompt and nice descriptions.

  2. Good job! Nice way of building him up. I felt on top of the world with him! The only thing I would change is maybe hinting about why they are letting him go. Maybe instead of having the boss say “We’re letting you go” he could say something like “You’re department has been axed so we’re letting you go”. It just would have seemed more realistic to me. But maybe not. just my two cents.

      1. Well, there is a certain subjectivity to it. Just something to think about. Certainly did not ruin the story or anything! I still liked it a lot!

  3. Great job with this! I especially liked his dialogue with himself in the mirror, but also the way his expectations were dashed and the way I could feel it coming from the way you wrote it. When will more people start doing this prompt?!

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