Up Late

Bare bottom

“Let me push your limits just a little.”

Push my limits? Something about the way he says it, the way he looks at me, makes me throb and ache and burn. He looks so hungry, but it’s more. His eyes darken and his lips tilt up in a half-smile that rearranges my insides. It’s a look that says he’ll give me that sweet kiss of pain that’ll sharpen my pleasure.

“Come here,” he growls out.

His eyes harden to flint and I know he’ll take any hesitation out on my ass. I watch as he pulls his shirt over his head, ruffling his dark hair and exposing the tan length of his torso. My heart starts a frantic tattoo as I close the distance between us, looking my fill at the flex of muscle beneath his bronze skin. He sits on the edge of the bed as I near and I know what will come next. The moment I’m close he pops the button of my jeans, pushing denim and lacy to my ankles.

“Across my lap, love.”

So deceptive the way he says it. That mixture of affection, lust, and darkness that offers me no reassurance at all. His eyes drill into mine, daring me to deny him, asking how I want this to go. Hard or soft, love? A little pain with your pleasure, or all punishment? How do I want it? I want to please him so I bend and drape myself over his lap, letting him remove my pants from my legs and prop my ass up high.

“So soft.” A whisper, so husky I quiver.

Hands knead and caress, gathering my flesh and parting it so the cool air brushes from pucker to pout. I bury my face in the duvet, hiding as cream seeped from body betraying me. The anticipation doing crazy things to my body. Fingertips tease along my lower lips and I can’t help pushing back, or wanting them inside.

“Look at you, weeping for me. Your cunt plumping up right before eyes. You need this, don’t you? Uh uh.”

My gasp was one of surprise as he brought his hand down. It had the desired effect of halting my wiggling. I froze, the sting spreading over my left cheek like warm water before it settled in my core.

“Ask me.”

I shake my head before he’s finished. I’m complicit in my depravity then. Don’t make me beg. Don’t… But the fingers plunge deep forcing that guttural moan from my throat. That hand threading through my hair and tugging hard make me surrender to the things I need.

“Good girl.”

I register the pleasure at his approval seconds before he’s flipped me around. My head points to the ground and my legs wrap along either side of his waist. Bracing my hands on the ground, I barely catch my breath as my naked cunt presses to the hard length of him contained in his jeans. The hard fall of his hand comes and it erases my thoughts.

“Let me hear you, love. I want to hear you cry out.”

There was no holding back then. My cries are echoes of pain blending seamlessly with pleasure in my body. Fire, heat flowing through me. My body rocking, pressing, jolting into him with each blow. I swear I’m going to come, the contact making me high even as I cry out as loud as my voice will allow. I am swollen and wet, I am on a different plane, and I am his completely.


  1. Interesting. Somehow feels different from some of the other similar stuff I’ve read from you and it’s pretty good actually.
    But it feels like this was exceedingly hurried because I noted several sentences and sections that felt either hurriedly typed out or for some other reason just not reading right. I don’t doubt I may not have understood something – it’s quite possible – but some stuff just sounds like the language needs correction/rewriting.

  2. Bravo…. Really…. really …. HOT!
    I love this image and you put the perfect story with it!
    I will ReBlog…. Fabulous!
    It makes me realize just how lucky a woman I am. I get to live and experience these scenes like this…
    Much Love!

      1. I have a feeling like your on your way to getting your ass turned pink… It is a fabulous feeling. ❤❤❤🐇
        That’s for writing the story. I reblogged on my BedroomSubmissive.com..

      1. I got a good laugh. It’s weird how a picture can look different like that. You’ll have to look at it on FB now and see if you can see how I mistook the thumbnail.

        I’d do a story for it but I’m not an erotica writer-err…a good one anyway hee hee.

      2. LOL. I can see how you’d see that. Cracked me up.

        I’d love to see what you’d write for that. I’m sure you’re better at erotica than you think. It’s feelings, sensations, and lots of emotions. It is to me, at least.

  3. I opened my WordPress app at work in a meeting, while bored, you post was right on top, bare ass and all. Got a raised eyebrow from the lady next to me, serves her right for snooping, but it made me think that you needed a spanking for being so impetuous. Good post, don’t change a thing.

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