Song Of The Week

His hand smoothed down the curve of her back, tracing the bump of her spine and burning through the thin fabric of her dress. They spoke a promise, one she knew would end with her naked and open beneath him, and that promise moved through her body like a vibration.

She felt his lips brush her ear, his breath tickling her skin as she fought to remain calm under the lust burning like fire in her veins. “Are you thinking about what I’ll do to you later?”

God, yes. How could she not? Even as she plastered on her smile for the patrons of the gallery, her mind was spinning an unending reel of pictures and positions. Over him, under him, writhing and crying out. She was a wet, throbbing mess barely able to keep her breathing even.

“Good,” he murmured as she nodded and smiled to a brightly dressed woman. “Let me tell you how exactly how it will be. I’m going to strip you bare the moment we enter the house. Before the goosebumps from the air caressing your skin can bloom, I plan to pin you to the wall and slid deep into your cunt. I’m imagining the way you’ll grip me and cry out as I thrust into the depth of you.”

She trembled, a tiny moan leaking from her as his words took hold. Her smile faltered, the need too great as he teased her. He was relentless, whispering obscene things that threatened to render her lacy panties useless. She pressed her knees together in a vain attempt to relieve the ache.

“I’ll make you beg to cum, hold you right at the edge until I’ve stripped away that wall you keep up between us.”

The thread of steel in his voice caught her attention. “I don’t put up walls.” Her voice was tight with lust.

He caught her chin and turned her to look at him. “Then how come I didn’t find out about your problems with the gallery until this evening?” An eyebrow rose and she swallowed hard. She opened her mouth, but he cut her off. “No, don’t talk. We will finish here and then I’m taking you home. You need to learn that this won’t work unless you trust me and let me in. Tonight you’ll learn what being naked really means.”

Her mouth went dry, arousal and fear sapping all moisture. His eyes held her captive, demanding that she bend and let go. Be vulnerable and know pleasure. The desire to have that tempted her like nothing else.


  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to enjoy coming here to enjoy reading your writing, and after just reading this, I’m really happy to be back! Because your writing was vividly and intensely arousing for me before, and this is proof that your writing has gotten even better since the last time I was here. God that was HOT!!!

  2. Really nice . You developed these characters well, for purposes of a short, and thought the sexual tension was fantastic, as always, you added the extra layer of emotional tension. The combo hooked me.

      1. Oh! Sorry you were almost late, but it tickles me to think you were enjoying my MS… 🙂 Thank you! (And please don’t worry about the speed — it means so much to me that you’re willing to take a look at it. I know it’s long!)

  3. Love the song. Hadn’t heard it before. It’s on my playlist, now. Thanks!

    Two of my fave lines:
    “Be vulnerable and know pleasure. The desire to have that tempted her like nothing else.”

    Love how you ended with this.

      1. Oh really!? I’ll have to check out Tracy’s version, too, then. But I like this one, too. Great pick for your post. 🙂

      2. Oh. I’m totally thinking of the wrong song here! I’ve posted more than one. Lol. This one is D’angelo. Not Boyce Avenue/Tracy Chapman. It’s obviously time for me to go bed.

      3. LOL! Okay, I got it. I thought it was a type when you wrote “Boyce Avenue”, that’s why I didn’t say anything. OK, I’ll go back to D’angelo. 🙂

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