Fast Car

I usually let the blog sit quiet on Wednesday, but I have this song stuck in my head…

And what does it mean to leave?
Running from now to forever
Away from things

Maybe there’s better where I’m going
Better than the whatifs here
More possibilities there

The road calls to me
Making staying unlikely
Because I can only grow if I go

If this is my ticket, I’ll take it and leave
And find the better I’ve been missing
Somewhere else on down the road


  1. perfect song for your thoughts you gave voice too…
    a roadtrip is how I have been feeling…anywhere but here….
    I really like this Cara….
    Take Care..

  2. This can apply to many aspects of life, whether moving house, changing jobs, moving on from a relationship – anything which has gone beyond its time.
    I particularly like the double meaning of “Because I can only grow if I go” – the only way to grow is to go, and also if i go then i can grow. Very profound.

  3. A song full of wistful optimism, plagued by uncertainty and doubt.
    Such is the human condition, the grass may be greener somewhere else, but it may not.
    You can only find out by spinning the dice, having a look.
    Taking that risk….

    Do tell us all how it works out:-)

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