Change is supposed to be a good thing. Not easy, but good for us in the end. The excitement and even the anxiety sharpens our focus and helps us perform better. If we stay where we are without executing some kind of positive change, we stagnate and rot. It’s important to rise to the challenge that a change presents and allow it to shape us in a healthy way.

That’s the enlightening bullshit I’ve been telling myself for the last few weeks. But as the date for my move rapidly approaches, I’m starting to wonder if I’m making a mistake. What I mean is there are components of this that are falling into place like locks on a safe, ready to open up and offer me things made of gold, exciting things that will help me grow! Except I can’t seem to make one very important thing happen.

I leave in 12 days and I still don’t have a place to live!!

Shit, damn, shit.

That should be the easiest component of this whole endeavor. I’ve been at this for a month and a half now to no avail. I can’t seem to secure anything and its frustrating the hell out of me. Getting a job was easier!

I’ve been joking about living under a bridge for a few days. An exaggeration, but its feeling likely.

Those who aren’t exactly in my corner with this move are seeing this as a sign of my foolhardy behavior showing itself. I have to admit that it’s dampening my enthusiasm and bringing out my latent pessimist.

So, I need something to happen, something awesome to buoy my flagging excitement. Something to remind me that change is good, but not easy and ultimately worth doing. I believe this will be good, but I wish that belief was supported by the knowledge that this last puzzle piece was falling into place. (There should’ve been more puns in this posts and now I’m sad there werent)

Deep breath, and trust. Whosa


  1. might be best to stay in a hotel or extended stay apt for a bit until you get a feel for the neighborhoods.

    Change is frightening isn’t it…. especially while one waits.

  2. When we moved back “home” in 2011, we didn’t find our place until 6 days before I started working. We didn’t sign a lease until Friday, and I was starting on Monday. I remember panicking. Bad. But it worked out in the end. Can’t say the same thing about last spring when we were “housing displaced” that totally sucked. But either way, it’s not a sign dear, it’s simply a coincidence. You’ll get there and even if you have to rent a room for a few weeks, it will work out. Instead of this being a black cloud, think of it as an adventure! *hugs and kisses* and *good luck*

    1. I remember your recent displacement. I couldn’t imagine dealing with that. I’m trying to remain positive considering how everything else is in place. I just had how this is an important thing, but its not working like it should. I still feel like this move is the best thing for me.

  3. Gah! Hope you find somewhere quickly! Like you said, it’s the last piece of the jigsaw – and I’m sure it will fall into place. The right home for you will materialise – it’s somewhere out there waiting for you!

  4. Finding a job is way harder than a house/apartment so if you have to stay in a hotel for awhile it won’t be that bad. My brother moved for his new job right out of college and stayed in a hotel for two months before he found a place to live. You’ll be okay, just think of it as an adventure and hey, maybe they’ll have a pool with some hot eye candy, you never know. Hang in there lady 😉

  5. Extended stay jotels are good sometimes. I moved to NC with no job or house, and I survived. You’ll make it!

    1. After my rant of frustration, I heard from a place this morning. I was getting freaked out and panicky is all. Being so close without a place to stay was making me nervous.

  6. i agree with everyone else – hotels, hostels, whatever – there will be a room and a roof somewhere, even if it is temporary. You KNOW you are making the right move (pun intended ;)) and all will come good

  7. Rants are needed. Glad you found a place. I find the puzzle analogy that is aloften used to be flawed. It seems that we make a list of things to do then check off the easiest ones first. Get them out of the way. All that’s left is the difficult, time consuming or unknowns. Not like a puzzle at all, where the more you put together the easier things get. And that last piece is a no brainer. Or maybe that IS the way we should go about doing things. Don’t expect me to be able to do that though. Best of luck, keep us posted.

  8. Catching up on reading a little late, but glad to see it looks as if you’ve found a place. Change can be good, but so hard. Hang in there and don’t let others try to get you disheartened. 🙂

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