One More

Heat suffused her body, rippling like a tide from the roots of her hair down to her curled toes. She arched and panted, wet fingers circling, circling, dipping and plunging deep.

So close. Her free hand plucked, twisted, and teased one puckered brown tip until it pouted. The ring piercing one bud served as a handle for her tugging. Sensitive after long minutes of play, she whimpered at the tiny spasms jumping under her skin. The unconscious movement of her legs evidence to imagined onlookers of her frenzy.

Her fingers danced over erect flesh, her mind picturing her favorite fantasies in detail. Anything to push her over that edge once more, anything to make her soar. A wet mouth would do it. Capturing a nipple or her erect clit. Sucking at the perfect rhythm, biting just so… Her body tightened at the thought. The sheen of sweat grew heavy on her skin, her fingers tapped that perfect spot deep inside.

Like a wave it broke, sweeping through her, seizing every muscle as it flowed out from between her thighs. And she soared, fingers gripped tight by the clasp of her body, mind locked in a haze, breasts at attention as her back bowed, cries bouncing off silently watching walls.

Her lips and legs parted as though waiting to receive the cock she fantasized could split her wide. Wetness slipped from her, widening the spot under her bottom that much more. Even as she rode the wave, even as she teased out the pleasure until it was nearly unbearable, she wanted just one more.


  1. You definitely have a gift for writing erotica and not making it come off sleazy or intentionally titillating – there is an ambience to your pieces and a way of expression that makes it more interesting and readable. I say this as someone who does not really read much erotica (as you know) so I mean it as a compliment.

    1. Huge compliment. I appreciate you saying that. There are times I do write erotica simply for the reaction, but others I’m hoping people see the feelings beneath the sex. In those cases, sex is the vehicle that’s helps you see the character more clearly. Thanks.

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