I’m A Bad Girl

This is the spot where the Twelve Week Challenge goes… Except I didn’t do this week. Bad, Cara.

Here’s what I have managed To this point:

Goal 1 was summarizing chapters in the story I’m currently editing. I’ve started that process and think I’ve worked out what I want to change in the beginning.

20130517-082059.jpg 20130517-082105.jpg 20130517-082113.jpg

RG and LSAM gave me questions and I answered them in the second photo. I’m a lefty so my handwriting is wacky.

Anyway, I’ve managed 3 chapters of notes, decided to scrap the first chapter all together and start with the second (action), and didn’t hate the process so much. I haven’t started revising yet…

As for my other goals? Goal 2: I think I’m going to settle on writing something either in horror or suspense for my task of 10k words in a genre I’m unfamiliar with. I need to look up the key elements of a horror novel and see if I really can manage it because I’m leaning more toward that one. The purpose being it stretches me creatively even if it’s not overly successful.

Goal 3: I plan to record the reading of a couple of paragraphs from a story I’ve written. Please take my poll and help me choose the story.

Whisker Burn

Just A Little

See You In Tee

I’m open to additional suggestions as well as poetry to read. Please know I’ll probably make that reading protected so if you’re interested in hearing, you’ll have to ask.

And shout out to my lovely challenge, bloggers in crime! G and LSAM are doing very well so head over to encourage them (and keep them calm). The moving and exploring caught up with me and I just didn’t get much done. No whining though. I will be better next week, which I believe means asking my mentor to read something of mine for critique. Erm… Yes, next week.

Compilation of short stories is up for free on Amazon today and tomorrow. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. We’ll still be friends and you’re not out any money.

Discover Me

So, if you made it here, I’m obliged to tell you about my meeting.

It really was just that: a meeting to determine if I’ll let this total stranger be the first man to spank my ass in a non familial manner.

We’ve been talking for weeks now and decided to meet in a very friendly (read non-threatening) setting to determine if we could make it happen. I liked him, thought he was very attractive and interesting, and he asked for my schedule so we could meet up next week.

I’m extremely uncomfortable, bordering on awkward around men I don’t know. He handled my weirdness well and we carried on intelligent conversation for a whole hour. Spanking is something he enjoys doing, something he’s done on a casual/friendly level before, and something he said he was willing to try with me.

“So… Is this something you’d like to do?”

Me: *staring at the people passing and trying not to fidget or embarrass myself. “Uh… Yea! I’d like to try it with you, if that’s okay.”

“Sure. I’d like that. Your place or mine?”

Me: (mentally I’m thinking I’m not sure I’m comfortable being spanked with my 2 roommates nearby). “Yours?”

“We’ll talk about it. Let me know your schedule.”

Like we’re scheduling a dinner date, except it involves no food and me tipped over his knee. My promise to myself is to not make it anything more than it is, which in this case is two people looking to have a need met. A little fun that I’d like to have minus the complications.

Lets see if this is a fantasy I’ll really enjoy living out then.


  1. I missed how you found him, just spanking is interesting, I like that its not complicated by sex.

    You are doing great on the challenge!

    1. I found him (more accurately, he messaged me) on fetlife. I’m thinking not adding sex to the mix will either solidify my obsession with spanking or kill it all together. We’ll see.

  2. I think you’re an awesome girl! Perhaps an awesomely, wonderfully bad girl, too, but that’s a pretty fantastic thing to be. Anyway, I hope you choose horror. I will do my best to read it for you, if you want. Anyway, off to amazon to download some lovely stories. 😉

      1. If you’re going to be bad, at least be good at it, right?

        Ever hear of Homestar Runner? There was a character on that who once said: “Would you use your powers for good or for awesome?” That line has stuck with me for years…

      2. Ha! I knew you had depths of coolness I had yet to discover! You definitely should use your powers for awesome!

  3. Keep at the writing, there’s always speed bumps along the way… will you take it slow and upset the cake, take it fast and gnash your teeth, or do it just write (yes, I meant “write”) and barely feel the bump at all?

    I’d like to try some serious spanking, both delivering and receiving. It’s nice to be able to scratch an itch without the itch becoming complicated. I do hope you get a good scratch in 😉

    1. I’m slow. Very slow. Mostly because I’m so unsure, though the uncertainty is much less than it used to be.

      The scratching will come soon. Either I’ll love it or hate it, but at least I’ll have tried it.

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