Promising Myself

Random post which is more thought than actually information.

About the bucket list.

Today was my second failed attempt at getting my piercing (See Projecting). I’m going to go back on the 16th in between getting sexy pictures taken and the Dave Matthews Band concert in my last attempt to get it done. If that doesn’t work, I’m modifying my list and doing something else.

Speaking of… What have I managed to accomplish 4 weeks into my 3 month effort?

Published another story on Amazon AND had my first erotic spanking, of which I want more of. 2 out of 20… Isn’t… Too bad? *sigh.

One that I’ve promised myself I’d do in the next week is strike up a conversation with an attractive stranger. There was a guy on the train tonight that I really wanted to talk to, but fear stopped me. I hated that feeling of being inferior in attractiveness and decided I want to tackle this one head on. I’m hot, dammit, and I need to carry myself like I am. I can talk to an attractive man without freezing up.

I was battling neediness again today. It made me ready to follow through and ask the first attractive stranger I saw to help me. That’s too much too soon though. I’m not trying to scratch an itch (er, mostly) so part of me is pushing for a bit more patience and discernment where guys go.

As for the rest of the things on my list? I’ve got time.

Who wants to volunteer for me to give them a lap dance? Anyone??


      1. Gravel roads, well water, spiders the size of your palm – what’s not to like? Well, except for the spiders.

      2. The job market’s good, too. Plus the food is outstanding. And the southern accents… Oh, boy… They do stuff to my innards that is quite lovely… 😉

  1. Not a bad start at all on your list. I’ve started what I call a “Life Wish List” instead of a bucket list, but basically the same thing. Things I want to do one day…nothing as daring as some of yours, yet still adventuresome for me. I finally put it in writing and for now there are only 3 things on it, but I figured I had to start some where…life had kind of got me to the point I had given up on dreaming or even pondering the possibility.

    1. I’m probably not going to hit everything on that list. Some things I added on a whim because I want to do them very badly. Just to dig up the courage would be awesome.

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