Another Failed Social Experiment

I should save this post for tomorrow when my brain isn’t so fatigued from work… Meh.

In an effort to help my friend Bug meet someone, I got the bright idea to put a post up for her on Craigslist. My thought was surely not everyone is weird on there and maybe this will help her break the ice when it comes to dating. What I didn’t anticipate was having to put an ad up for myself in order for her to let me place hers.

So I was high on my recent successes via Fetlife – if you can call a spanking and one guy’s blue balls a success – and figured I could craft a well thought out ad that would bring all the boys to the yard. Er… It brought a lot of something.

Here’s what I learned:

It doesn’t matter how detailed your post is, you’re still going to get weirdos. If I didn’t ask for a picture of your cock, I don’t want it. If I told you a little about myself in the ad, tell me something other than your desire for phone sex.

Persistent can turn into irritating in 2 emails. If I don’t respond to your first email, or your second, or your third, I’m not interested. Nothing against you, you’re great. I’m not attracted to you for a variety of reasons (some shallow). Maybe I’ll die bitter and alone for not giving you a shot, but that’s a chance I’ll just have to take.

People email in text speak for some mind-boggling reason. I’m trying to determine if you’re someone who – per my post – I can carry on intelligent conversation with. Your use of text speak doesn’t endear you to me in the slightest. It makes people seem dumb so spare me.

If I’m interested and I want to meet, agree or cut the cord. I’m not up to being strung along if you’re not wanting to meet face-to-face. Be upfront about what you want so I can move on.

Bug didn’t do much better so I’ll call this a failure. Epic, if I’m being honest.

Now she’s got us signed up for speed dating in 2 weeks. Can’t say I’m excited about going, but she tried this so I’ll try that. Can’t I just attract people with my stunning beauty and rapier wit, though?

In other news…

Thoughts and goals

It was suggested that I do a video cam of myself doing a stripping and post it on an amateur porn site. Is that an adequate substitute for stripping for a crowd of me? Would you want to watch? Weigh in on this.

I will approach a cute stranger this week. Conversation starting? I can do that.

Post 2 stories this week (one a late song of the week)

Edit 3 chapters in the 3 days I have Off.

Buy this super cute corset dress I want. I want it so bad.


  1. Points for trying!
    Personally, given my understanding of what the anonymity of the net brings out, I’d have hesitated doing that and more so were I a woman but kudos for having the guts to do it. Best of luck to you both on the speed dating and in an ideal world, a nice face and the wit would be more than sufficient.
    Regarding the video of yourself – don’t know what you look like so not making my call based on that – I’d say that being a guy I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to see a good looking woman do something titillating but that’s just a guy-thing. Don’t know if it’s a substitute of what you had in mind but possibly might fit the bill.

  2. Yeah…craigslist was probably not a good idea unless you’re selling something physical. Ha ha, I mean like a chair or something. As far as the stripping thing goes, I think a video totally counts but–if you did post it somewhere on the internet, it might come back to haunt you. I’d go with doing it live for a guy-but that’s me. Otherwise, I’d go with a private skype showing with someone or pre-taping it (because then you can make sure it’s awesome). It seems you have some willing voyeurs here in this thread ^^^

  3. Craigslist is a bizarre world, success and failure abound simultaneously – which I didn’t think was possible. Nobody eve seems to read the ads either. They always ask questions or make assumptions that are so far off the mark that it makes you wonder if someone is pranking you.

    I loathe text speak. Even in texting. I’m sure some phone plans out there still make you pay per character but there isn’t any other real reason to do it. I don’t think it is any faster. I think you’re totally in the right to steer clear of people you feel like you aren’t able to have a conversation with.. unless it is one of those things were they are just nice to look at 😉

    Always the supporter of other like-minded bloggers and travelers I’d glad support your cam/Skype experience. As a perv, I’m already anxious for the show to start 😉

    Best of luck to you!

      1. I’m not the perv where anything will do… I’m over thinking my previous comment now… I enjoy naked bodies, and those that treat or tease are especially fun. From what I’ve seen of you, though, and from what I’ve read from you (brains are sexy), I think is rather enjoy your performance. Over thinking done. Thank you. :p

  4. I’d watch. And you can do a live feed of your striptease on said site ;-)…. before the internet, normal people were less likely to encounter weirdos, now they have an extended reach lol

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