Gotta Be Flexible

If you read my last post, you cottoned to what I got up to today. The piercer was out sick so that was a no go.

I learned that sometimes things don’t work out like the should and you have to go with the flow. So instead of checking clitoral hood piercing off the list, I made a change and checked this off in its place.

20130617-215110.jpg 20130617-215116.jpg

Excuse my subpar pictures, but it’s a dandelion that starts on the right side of my mound and goes up over my hip. All my tattoos have spiritual significance and this one speaks to Romans 12:2. Do not conform, be transformed. I’d planned to have the seeds transform into butterflies, but that’s an addition for another day.

The trace of the needle over the curve of my hipbone hurt! Plus the shading around the middle killed as well. Sensitive, very sensitive.

In other unrelated news, meeting up with someone who’sΒ willing to play (I feel weird saying “willing to spank me”). Meeting up for coffee and to get a feel for each other at my request before we jump into anything crazy. Know my biggest worry? That he’ll stand me up. We’ll see…

oh, and pictures turned out beautifully! I looked so sexy and enjoyed posing.

So, there you have it. A little flexibility and I’m checking more things off the list. Gonna be a good week I think. πŸ™‚


  1. I love your tat and the significance. Glad you were able to move on to plan b. πŸ™‚ How long did it take?

  2. okay thats most definitely an Ouch! ( thats why I have no tattoo’s, though my son and daughter make up
    for my chickening out….)
    glad your flexible….and I like the thought of the seeds being butterflies….
    Take Care…and Hope you heal fast…that looks painful to me…

      1. still an Ouch to me….
        but I do like it and the thought within it…

  3. Congrats on checking another thing off! Nice choice of tattoo image by the way, not one I’ve seen on anyone, yet it’s such a common, generally liked and evocative one.

  4. Oh, Cara, I love it!!! It’s whimsical, yet meaningful. I’d’ve never have thought of something like that πŸ™‚

    Re: the clitoral hood, my exgf had one back when we were in college (yep, I’m a clichΓ©). I think it got her more attention than anything. I remember it sorta being in the way whenever I went down on her. Just my two cents! But I’m sure you’ve done a shit ton of research on it.

    Lastly, good luck with the possibly new playmate! My fingers are crossed for you. xx Hy

      1. What i’d REALLY like is the badge of the team i support but i’m way too much of a chicken for that! So i’d start with their initials SFC and see how i get on with that. I have heard people say that once you get the first one you are addicted, so i might not stop there

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