Twelve Week Challenge – What week is it??

I’ve gotten a bit off track with the writing challenge. I’ve gotten a bit off track with my writing in general.

This is week 8, I believe, in Panty Parade’s 12 Week challenge. I was to research 3 people who can help me reach my goals and ask them burning questions. That didn’t happen, but I’ll take a page from G’s book and put up a contact form and hopefully people will comment on it.

Extra bonus points question(s): is there a goal that you’ve managed to accomplish? What do you think helped you make it happen? One tip you’d give me to improve my writing?

I’m not sure where I am on my goals. With work taking up some time, my days off become me time. I end up exploring other things as I’ve talked about on here lately. Writing is something I love, but I’m never sure if it’s just a hobby I’m extremely dedicated to or an activity I’m really serious about. I think I need the right person offering encouragement until it becomes intrinsic again. I’ve at least gotten to the point where I think what I’m writing is good and worth reading. A big step up for me.

I guess I’ll reevaluate things again and see where I come out. Always open to suggestions. I know one step is submitting to an online zine/magazine or publisher so let me know any good ones.

I leave you with this pic. Nothing for boob day, but I think it’s still pretty sexy. 🙂


Happy Friday, Lovelies


      1. I was really gung ho on the tasks, and I’ve lost self-esteem as well as steam. It just doesn’t seem right to bother someone with burning questions…I was ignored the last few times. Bleh. I mean, everyone here is great, but I already get advice, help and encouragement from our community.

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  2. I had a goal of getting published by a game company. Persistence paid off. Writing everyday is standard advice to any writer. One tip that I give out, is to take a break at least once every couple of weeks. If you are like me, and I write every day usually several hours a day, take one day and do not write at all not even a grocery list.

      1. Do you have a place/company that you want to get published by? That might be a good goal for you to aim at. It would require some, but not a lot of persistence to get done.

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