Summer Heat

Andy’s prompt today. I swear I’m going to take a week and write only sweet stuff. My closet romantic is apparently deep in the closet lately, pushed there by my not-so-latent exhibitionist. She’s a cheeky, naked, brown-skinned girl with a nipple ring and tattoos if you walk by her open window.

Topic for discussion: homophones taught/taunt/taut.

Prompt: Charcoal Grill

Word count: 190

A summer breeze brought an array of scents to her nose. Spiced beef, the tang of sunscreen, the earthy smell of cut grass. She breathed deep, releasing a happy sigh. His fingers trailed down her bare back to the curve of her bikini bottoms. The sun heated her body to a perfect temperature and the slide of his fingers into the damp line of her bathing suit made her smile.

“Time to flip.”

“The steaks or me?”

“Steaks are good.”

Her hips lifted just a little as he dipped between her thighs. She opened her eyes briefly to catch him licking his lips and watching his fingers as he teased. He tapped her hip and she lifted higher so he could shimmy her bottoms down her legs.

When she was free of the fabric she turned to her back. She let her smile slip when she heard him groan. A hand across her stomach and hot breath along the curve of her breast alerted her to his intentions.

“The steaks will burn,” she sighed out as his tongue circled one taut nipple.

“There’s a freezer full, I’ll just make more.”


      1. My guess is that the two of them generate enough heat to defrost all the steaks they’d want.

  1. This is your second post that involved food burning. I love your stories, but that could never happen with me. When I’m in the kitchen I’m all business lol.

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