“If I Present My Ass To You…”

“Will you spank it?”***

I had no intention of starting anything when I messaged him again. It was a message borne out of frustration. I had a need and I wanted to know if he could meet it.

Is this something that you see happening or should I look for someone else?

I wasn’t trying to rush him, but I wanted honesty. If I’m not what/who you’re interested in playing with, tell me. I wait for no man. Except he messaged me back just as fast.

When are you off? We can get together soon.

Can we? I couldn’t decide if he was just being nice or really wanted to play, but I’m an opportunist, and an addict. I wanted. My ass. Spanked.

Friday? No, surprise visit from a friend so Friday is out. What about tonight? It’s 4th of July, I’m still at work, and tired.

My roommates are both out for the evening so any time after 8:30…

I’m walking home and there he’s already parked on my street. I’m sure I look as terrible as I feel and am in desperate need of a shower, but I’m giddy as well. A last-minute spanking to ease the fire burning in me. Yes, please.

Shower, shave my legs, wash my face…

He’s in law school. A fact I knew, but find interesting all the same. My last spanker just finished law school. Though this one reminds me of a big teddy bear I want to cuddle. This is about scratching a mutual itch and he’s got plans so this won’t take long.

I cut out the lights and open the blinds to let in the natural light. He sits on my bed, l climb on his lap (t-shirt and panties because he made me lose my shorts), and he starts easy.

Oh, gosh! I missed the feeling of someone’s arm across my waist holding me down, of the sting and burn. Of lifting my ass in the air and taking another smack.

But I’m sweating like a pig and his hand starts to hurt not that long in (I’ve got ample padding so I can take a hand spanking like a champ). I climb off, strip off my shirt, and go in search of a cold beverage so he can have a break.

Mmm, I feel the warmth on my cheeks. Recover quick because I want more… Oh, he’s not ready. Let’s chat. I learn how deep his obsession with spanking goes and how long he’s been at it. I’m older than him by 4 or 5 years, but he seems much more in touch with his kink.

Ah, yes. Back to spanking finally.

This time it’s much harder. I’m gasping and writhing a little more, but it feels so good. His hand smooths over my skin often and that feels good too. Then it starts to hurt so he stops.

“Your ass is so hot.” He’s rubbing, the reference a remark on the temperature of my skin.

I’m getting sleepy so I let him massage. Up and down, kneading, plumping, tracing, squeezing. He pulls my panties up the crack of my bum and keeps rubbing. I mumble something about falling asleep if he keeps this up, but he just laughs.

I’m hyper aware even in my drowsy state. Just the way his hands squeeze are my signal of where his mind is and I realize I’ll probably be complicit in whatever happens next. I won’t say no because I can’t/don’t want to.

He asks me to lay flat on the bed and as I slip off his lap, he manages to pull my underwear down and then off. It’s dark, I’m sleepy, it’ll be okay. Like I said, complicit.

I quite enjoy being touched and he rubs me just right. Massaging away all the sting, rubbing up my back, down my legs, along my thighs which I keep shut for a while. Then I relax some more as he sits alongside my body. Tentative fingers try seeking entrance, but I’m not ready for that yet so he moves on.

He’s persistent though and it isn’t long before my thighs spread, his fingers find their prize, and he slips between.

I’m wet. Why it surprises me is amazing, but the squelch of his fingers in my kitty thrills and shocks me. Even as I wonder why I let him in, I spread wider and in slips another finger. My hand makes a beeline for my clit as he thrusts in, and I wonder as we work in tandem if he’ll do more than finger me. I wonder as I pant and rub if I’ll let him.

The sound of him working me is obscene. Can the neighbors hear me panting, did they hear him spanking me, can they hear the wet sounds his fingers make inside of me? My mind races.

I can’t cum like this because I’m too worked up. So he stops, but can’t seem to keep his hands off of me. I mention that he should probably head out before he misses the fireworks, but we realize it’s an hour and a half later and he’s already missed them.

Shit! An hour and a half?? Not a simple spanking at all. He hasn’t left yet and I already want him to come back.

Next weekend? I promise to return the favor.

I will, too. Not just because I fantasize about sucking cock, but because I like giving back. Just not tonight.

But he strokes my body again, his hands going back to my kitty. I laugh and tell him he’ll never make his friend’s party. He seems reluctant to leave, but washes up and departs soon after. Leaving me wondering what I really wanted from that encounter and what I’ll allow next time.

I went to bed and jilled to thoughts of him spanking and taking me. I will return the favor next time, I want to.

***please know it was so much more awkward than I could write out. All my encounters are awkward because I’m awkward. I debated even writing about this because I’m still trying to process it. That’s part of why this is so damn disjointed. I do know my ass is sore like I’ve done squats and I love that feeling.


  1. THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT. Seriously. I adore asses. My favorite part of a woman’s body. Don’t get me wrong, I love pussy, but it’s the ass that catches my attention first. Thank you so much for sharing. “Standing ovation” to you 😉

  2. It may have been awkward, but it was a delight for us.
    I’m pleased your knight visited even if nobody came.
    He will be lucky next time; everybody will.

  3. You sorely underestimate yourself…that man wanted more than to spank your ass…next time will be lovely…and hopefully, we’ll all get to read about it… 🙂

    1. I didn’t realize that until after he started touching me! I asked if he did that with every girl he spanked and he said no. I don’t know… I would’ve been hoy if all he gave me was a spanking.

  4. Cara, what a wonderful example of finding and exploring your wants and sharing your thoughts… I love this…. I’m re-blogging… Please keep writing about your activities… Very interesting and thought provoking…
    Love it! ❤🐇LK

  5. Thank you for sharing. I think you are very brave for knowing what you want and going out to get it. It’s perfectly fine to take your time. Process and feel it out. You’re discovering yourself and it probably is best to savor each encounter and know what you. really like. Enjoy it.

  6. Wonderful way to celebrate the 4th. Better than watching there fireworks outside, cause you were both creating something explosive inside. 🙂

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