Cut and Run

Dear You,

Forget it.

Yes, I said forget it.

Because your life is too damn busy to even have a casual relationship right now. I’ll do us both a favor and let you off the hook.

I was walking to your place and you have no idea what was on my mind, but your text reminded me how little patience I have. My level of readiness after 2 other attempts to get together with you is insanely high, only it’s not going to happen. Not tonight is something I’m a little tired of hearing.

You can cancel once, put me off a second time, but by the third time I don’t give a damn what your excuse is… I’m going to have to let you go.

Bottom line, I refuse to be another thing taking up your time. I’m selfish and needy, I require a certain amount of attention. My goal is to be understanding, but the way I understand this is you need to sort your life out because the moment you say we’ll do this “sometime” that’s my cue. Sometime means never in my book. You don’t have to pretend, I’m smart enough to read between the lines.

I’m disappointed, dejected, upset because I really really liked you and I’m going to have to figure out how to make a connection with someone else.

The worst part is I know you won’t even fight to keep me around. That tells me more than anything else you might say. I’m then glad things didn’t go as far as they could have with us. That I’m suffering from bruised feelings instead of a broken heart.

Good luck to you. You’ll be a fond memory and I’m glad for that. I hope you’ll remember me as fondly.


Ps: you’ve given me cause to reevaluate myself if nothing else. I give up too much and I’m keenly aware of that fact with you.


      1. They’re out there! My husband does! First time I met his parents. ..I jumped off the last 3 steps of the walkway….landed on the ground! After he was done laughing he came over and swept me up and giggle kissed me! I’d never met anyone I wasn’t embarrassed to fall around….but the ground and I know each other well…and he thinks its hilariously cute!

  1. Your reactions are spot-on, and I’m glad you have enough self esteem and dignity to read the signs and cut your losses. That said, I know this has probably made you question your self-worth (among other things). I know how much this part of it stings; I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Just know that going with your gut is (and will always be) the correct response. He’s not what you want, not what you need. Your early perception of this fact has just saved you YEARS of far-deeper heartache (as you so astutely pointed out). Hugs, honey. And wine. Wine helps. 🙂

    1. It was going to be forever, but I was expecting far more than I actually got from him. It felt like excuses the last few days. I understand that work is killing him, but it felt like he wasn’t even trying. That’s the part that got me. My self-esteem is a little shaky right now, but I’ll manage.

  2. I hate that. I have a few stories about guys that only talked to me on their time, and when they were free, I had to drop everything to entertain them…like they use you to fill that void of boredom.

  3. Hugs from me too. Your title brought memories of singing that song but I didn’t truly think about what it meant then. Xoxo

  4. ((HUGS)) I am proud of you. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way before. I only want the guy who’s willing to make time for me and that I’m willing to make time for.

    1. That’s what I want, someone who will make time for me. I know I need attention and its a damn shame he didn’t have time to provide it because I was willing to give a lot.

      1. That just means he wasn’t the right one…the right one will come along…never when we want him to or expect him to, but eventually, he’ll show up… 🙂

  5. Ooof, even when you’ve done the right thing for yourself it still feels crappy, doesn’t it? I’m sorry he didn’t treat you well and that it didn’t work out. Big hugs. xxoo

  6. Giving you hugs and one more hug.
    I am sorry you are so disappointed and hurt. I won’t say some cliche thing such as that you have to kiss a lot of frogs until you meet your prince but instead let those emotions work through you and soon you will be ready to start again.

  7. I only pressed like because I’m glad you got your feelings out. You are greater than you know and need to speak words about yourself that lift you up. Instead of awkward say unique. And you are unique and special and one of a kind. Someone will come that is deserving of you. Be the hot sexy thing you are. Sending you hugs.

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