Birthday Suit

“Put a dollar between your breasts.”

His mouth never actually touches my skin, but the wash of his breath across my breasts is stimulating enough. He lingers, putting on a good show in the darkened room, his teeth grasping the dollar bill and pulling it straight from my cleavage.

Hands wrap around my rib cage and jostle so my breasts jiggle, eliciting a husky chuckle (or is it a girlish giggle?) from me. He may have buried his face there again, he may not have. A whiskey sour or two on an empty stomach and so little sleep make my memory faulty. I do know he wraps his legs (recently shaved) around my hips and pumps, mimicking the sex we’ll never actually have. Another dollar in his lemon yellow underwear and I let my hands glide up his thighs as he undulates against me.

I grab a handful of ass because the dollars in his underwear say I can. It’s my right when a man this muscled plasters himself to me.

I don’t stop to wonder about how I’m oppressing the men dancing and removing their clothes anymore than I did when I watched the women strip a few weeks ago. My alcohol fuzzed brain can’t help drawing parallels between the two moments in my life, namely that women who strip demand more respect in their nudity. Men don’t scream at them while they circle the pole, remove their bra, reveal their body. It’s a sedate affair while she performs.

But this? This is a spectacle, this is a show. This is women catcalling, being allowed to grope and grab, being bent over chairs and pretending sex. This is women being allowed to go wild and express their enjoyment of a damn fine man. Damn fine men.

It’s funny because many women sport sashes denoting an important event in their lives. Their transition marked by letting their friends buy them drinks to celebrate the fact that they technically can’t do this once the ring is on.

I’m single with a birthday coming up in a matter of days and I happen to enjoy the male form. As that man bendsΒ me over that chair, his clothed cock snug against my ass as he performs for more than just me, I can think of no better way to begin the last year of my twenties.

In fact, if the one with the yellow wants to do more than pretend, I’d be happy to play along.


      1. I can see how both instances could be arousing. I enjoy seeing bodies and having them “displayed” in an erotic manner is even more enjoyable.

        My complaint stems from an office full of menopausal women that often refer to men (boys) as pieces of meat. Excluding me of course, for some reason I don’t count.

      2. Wow! They call them that??

        I tend to be rather vocal to the point of being lewd when I find a man physically attractive, but won’t begrudge a man the right to say the same of a woman they find attractive. In fact, my good friend and I take turns remarking on the men/women we find attractive. I roll my eyes at him and he pretends surprise when I catcall. πŸ™‚

      3. Not really “pieces of meat” more just the way the talk about them. Often ones young enough to be their children. Rarely men their own age. Which is funny.

        I do need to become more comfortable in giving praise when I find someone attractive and not worry so much about being that guy that is “objectifying” them.

      4. Ah, I see. They appreciate the man flesh. Lol.

        It thrills me when men do double takes as I walk by. Sometimes a compliment on my appearance or a great pick up like makes me feel sexy.

    1. No, I’m not. I’d planned to have nudes done, but don’t feel comfortable driving to the place (the traffic here is insane). If I was brave, I’d find someone on Craigslist, but I’m not sure I’m that brave.

      And yes, my birthday is Tuesday, July, 30th.

  1. The nudes sound like a wonderful idea! Don’t leave it for too long in the future, you will never regret having had it done, but you will regret it if you never do it. It’s somehow very validating and confidence-boosting, and we can all do with some of that. So glad I got your birthday right πŸ™‚ (damn, I’m good)

  2. I’ve seen male strippers a time or two, but never went to see women strip. Just never had the desire to go, but I have stripper fantasies so maybe I should. Hope you get some good pics. I’ve never done that either. Hmm…something else to do. My list is growing.

    1. I definitely looked at the female strippers and thought about technique and whether I could move like they do. Doing a strip tease for someone is on my list.

      It was more arousing because of the company and not the women.

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