Would Have

The feel of his arm across my back settles the nervous flutter in my stomach. His hand smooths over my ass so slow, exciting me in a much different way. I’ve wanted this for days and I can’t help the way my hips lift, beseeching him to give me what I need.

He palms my flesh as though weighing it. “I want to hear you cry out. Then I’m going to stuff my cock down your throat after.”

I tremble at that, burying my hands in the covers to steel myself as pleasure ripples through me. He’s teased my mercilessly for days with the promise to feel the sting of his hand and taste the tang of his cum. I want both now. No more waiting…

The arm about my waist tightens seconds before his hand lands, falling across both cheeks and jolting me forward out of surprise. It stings, but in that perfect way that radiates out and warms my skin. My moan is more pleasure than pain as the pulse of it settles right in my cunt.

Steady he builds the tempo until I’m rocking forward with each well placed blow, rocking backward to receive another, and rolling like a wave against the hard swell of his denim-covered cock. He hitches my body closer to his own so we can ride together. Up and down, back and forth, mimicking the sex I will have with him soon.

I’m panting with need, my thighs spread wide as I silently ask for his fingertips to breach me. I need something of him inside me in that moment. Just his touch heightens my pleasure, but I need him to claim me as my bliss mounts.

As though he reads my mind, two fingers part my lips and slip inside. The perverse sound of my wetness as he penetrates threatens to topple me, my core tightening with each thrust. The hand about my waist releases me only to take up the abandoned spanking, smacking in counterpoint to the thrusts spearing my needy pussy.

“Oh, God, please!” I am a writhing mess, my head thrown back in abandonment.

Unable to control my body as he masters it so easily. My nipples scrape the comforter sending bolts of electricity to my core. I grip his thigh now desperate to hold on to him as the rest of me spirals out of control. Tighter with each thrust of his fingers, higher each time his palm cracks across my upturned ass, soaring closer to my undoing.

I’m close, so close I can feel myself flutter around his intrusion, my cunt sucking and gripping in its wantonness. But he stops before I can explode into a million pieces, leaving my mind a drugged frenzy.

“On your knees.”

I spill from his lap on to floor and just manage to situate myself before him. I’m quaking with unresolved need but eager to taste him now. He releases his cock from the confines of his jeans and guides my head forward. The way he groans as I take him between my lips is a pleasure all on its own. I vibrate as I attempt to take him down my throat, gagging and drooling spit but needing to take him that deep.

“Yes,” he hisses. He’s hard and thick, so close to the edge simply from spanking me. I want his cum. Every strong suck, every swirl of my tongue is designed to pull it from him. I. Want. It.

His grip tightens as his hips surge up, his cry guttural as he pours forth that thick, salty treat. I drink it down, buzzing with the high from my heated ass.

I lick him clean and sit back on my haunches with a sigh. My clit is pulsing and just one little touch will send me over. Just one touch from him…

He smirks down at me. “Sorry. No time.”

Confusion mars my thoughts. No time? How could he not have time if he’s right there in front of me? I try to reach for him, but he’s mist. I blink and my vision clears to reveal the dream I was living in. He was an apparition from the beginning. Never mine.

I am here, staring up at my ceiling, untouched by the one I wanted because I wasn’t worth making time for. That heavy ache between my thighs dulls at the realization. I wasn’t worth it.

If you want someone bad enough, you’ll always make time for them….


  1. OMG – you write so well! I thought this was real. I think it’s the point in time for you to ask for what you want. Just as you did ask for the first meeting to spank – maybe now, you have to do the exact same thing and ask for the “scene” you want. You’re in control.

      1. keeping the perspective that “He let you down” keeps you in the mindset of powerless. I don’t think you are in a powerless position.

      2. I’m not trying to appear powerless or dependent upon what he might have given me, but it’ll take a bit to get over the bad feelings. I’m jumping back in the dating pool. Trying to find someone else to meet my needs.

      3. I didn’t think you were. I was seeing a key to overcoming or getting what you want. I know, easier said than done. I know that very very well. You’re my hero – You live and grow. XO, Jayne

  2. You are always worth it. Whether a man makes time for you are not is NEVER connected to your intrinsic value. At worst, he’s not that into you, at best he’s a dick, but neither one have foundation in your *value*. I feel your pain, though. It took me years to untangle the two myself. xx Hy

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