A Good Kiss

This is going to be a weird confession, but it’s been on my mind.

I’m not a big fan of kissing.


Maybe it’s because I think it’s so intimate. Ha! I can have sex with a stranger out of curiosity, but find the act of kissing too intimate. I’ve had my bare ass spanked, my lips wrapped around a cock or two, mouths and fingers between my thighs and yet kissing seems too deep? I’ve got issues, folks.

My thinking is I haven’t really had that knock your socks off, blow your mind, stop time kind of kiss. During the act itself I’m thinking about the amount of germs I’m exchanging, how slobbery some people are, and how salty spit is. I find myself pulling away and avoiding that connection. The funny thing is I’m disappointed when most guys don’t try to kiss me after I pull away, they don’t try to show me that deeper level. I always feel just a little detached because of it.

I do feel awkward because of its intimacy though. Kissing builds a bridge that simple sex does not. Okay, sex is admittedly intimate, but in a different way in my mind.

Because I can look in your eyes, because I can look inside you (and you me) as we kiss, I want to pull away and keep a barrier in place. I’ll take the plunge of your cock, but not the thrust of your tongue.

It’s hard to explain it. I feel like I’m holding back, waiting for that kiss that’ll wow me. I don’t necessarily want the passion of sex without the full level of intimacy that comes with it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been kissing frogs lately, eh? When’s a girl gonna get to kiss her prince already?



  1. A good kiss is well(well, well, well….lol…did I say well?) worth it’s salt. I will hope for you in addition to your probably somewhat long list that you meet a man who can kiss incredibly well and you can’t wait to kiss. Can you tell I like kissing?…lol. πŸ™‚

  2. The man who;s worthy of your affection, and probably the one who can knock down those barriers, won’t let you pull away from a kiss – or will at least go back in for seconds…if you haven’t had that, yeah, you’ve been kissing frogs…

  3. I think it’s important for us to make these sort of distinctions, not for other but for us. So we know where that barrier or bridge is, and when someone can cross it we will know that this person is special. Otherwise how would you know the frogs from the princes’s? Sometimes they disguise themselves as each other.

  4. there truly is something about a kiss that shares yet another level of intimacy. The tingles, shocks, electricity and emotions that pass in a kiss….unbelievable.

  5. I agree, it’s very intimate… and can be so disappointing… some men are great in bed but such bad kissers! but when they are good… *sighs*

  6. You’re definitely not alone. I cannot count on my toes and fingers the number of sex partners I have had. I can name and count on less than one hand how many people I have kissed.

    Kissing is intimate, in the extreme. I thought for a long time I was the only person who felt that way. I love kissing, but it needs to be with someone who I care about, and who I trust.

    Birds of a feather, eh?


    1. I find that if I don’t want to be close to that person even if I plan on sleeping them, Im much less inclined to want to kiss them. I’ve noticed also that I can be very passive when they try to initiate a kiss. I’ll accept, but not reciprocate in anyway.

      The last guy I wanted to kiss never initiated deep kissing. I wanted him to be the aggressor, but I initiated many of our kisses. The intimacy of kissing raises a lot of thoughts in my head.

  7. This isn’t weird to me at all. TN and I kiss a lot, but they’re punishing, hard, passionate kisses. Very, very rarely do we kiss while we fuck (make love??), we never kiss hello, and we almost never use kissing as a precursor to something else. Because, like you say, it feels too intimate.

  8. I like kissing but I find when I’m dating someone and it isn’t working out then kissing is the first thing I stop wanting to do. I also find there are very few people who take time to turn kissing into an event.

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