Saturday Morning

On my stomach, naked, trembling.
Reading things with no plot, but plenty of sex

Of course I’m thinking about my cunt and the cream flowing. Slowly at first, it trickles and tickles lips that are plumping up. Then more comes as I race headlong into the end, the climax of the “story”.

I flip to the last page, read the very last line, and frantically pull my favorite vibrator out. Just like the character, I want it from behind…

That first thrust makes me gasp, shake, then pant as I push it in further.

I wish…

I catch my lower lip between my teeth as I part my thighs, the toy vibrating as it parts my cunt.

I wish for a warm body behind me, taking over, taking control. I shudder as I push it in again, and wish for hands gripping my hips too hard. They’d slid up my back, grasp the nape of my neck, and then slid around the front to hold my throat. I cant my hips back, thrusting harder as I imagine someone strong enough to make me submit. Blinding my eyes but releasing my body.

I’m soaked… Wet and gasping, trembling as I crest.

Wishing for a little more reality in my early morning fantasies. Aching even as I tumble.


    1. I deleted the book off my kindle, but its one of the few things I’ve read that’s straight written porn. You only read it when you’re planning on masturbating. The second story had much more substance, but I was too fair gone to appreciate the nuisance.

  1. mmmmmm nice, I wish I was there to be that guy. Anyways it was a erotic and amazing post. Which type of vibrator you have?

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