Restless, aroused, and unbelievably needy.

My mind conjures a moment from the past. It floats through my mind as my hand slips between my thighs...

“Go to the bathroom and take off your panties.”

Neither of us looked away from the girl moving across the stage. Her breasts bounced as she swayed, her hips moved seductively as she gyrated for a customer. It was arousing in a way I hadn’t anticipated before we drove there, but I had a feeling it was his nearness that caused the low burn in my belly. His fingers laced with mine, his arm around my waist, or the way his body drew mine in. It was his heat! It had to be.

I turned to him, studied his profile. He looked at me and the anticipation, the expectation in his light colored eyes had me nodding my head. I would for him, anything for him.

The moment I moved away from the table he was accosted by nearly naked women wanting to give him a private dance, but I wasn’t worried. As I climbed the stairs, I thought about his whispered questions, “Will you dance for me like that?” “Would you wear that for me sometime?”

Slipping into the bathroom, knowing I was already wet, knowing his hand would venture up my dress as we sat in the open nearly undid me. I held my blue, ruffled, polka dot panties in hand and let the anticipation turn me to molten desire. My pussy was liquid and I wanted him to slid inside however he wished.

Walking back down the stairs, I found him watching me as I made my way to him. The fact that we were both aware of my nakedness beneath my thin dress heightened things for me. I was hungry for what would come next…

I handed him my panties and he slipped them in his back pocket before laying a hand on my thigh.

“You’ll give those back, right?”

He raised an eyebrows then smiled as that hand continued its climb up my thigh. “Maybe.”

And I could contemplate nothing else except the need to give him access to me. My thighs parted so easily and I couldn’t seem to care who might see, or about my favorite panties, or anything. Not when he touched me like that. Just like that.


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