Stories I Create On The Train

It’s been awhile because I’ve been taking a faster method to work, but the train is still my favorite way to go.

I haven’t wanted to suck cock in weeks, but something about the way he’s standing is making my mouth and my cunt water.

The train is full enough that we’re both standing. I lean against the window kitty corner to him while he takes up a spot in front of the door. He’s such a hipster with his fitted, burgundy jeans and unlaced sneakers. The light brown scruff on his face, bed head, and leather jacket make me think he’s a college kid. He places his leg on the step above and I now have a perfect view of his sleeping cock tucked to the right of his fly.

Yes, yes I am wondering how much bigger it could get. GROWer or SHOWer? I imagine it pressing against the front of his too stylish slacks, giving away his arousal.

Maybe I could cross the train and place my hand right atop that sleeping beast and give him a gentle squeeze while I whisper something naughty in his ear. “Would you like to take me home and fuck me from behind?” Maybe he’d grow in my cupped hand, thrust his hips forward, and moan softly. I’d stand in front of him, blocking the play of my fingers as my lips kissed along that scruffy jaw. He’d smell like sweat and some cool variety of cologne that steals my breath.

Instead of parting ways when the doors open, we could leave together. Following him back to his first floor apartment or posh dorm room, I’d finish what I started on the train and finally wrap my lips around the cock sparking my arousal. I won’t pretend I’m there for something more. Maybe he’d just let me taste him before he flipped me on my stomach and stretched my wet pussy wide with that monster.

Or maybe I need to stop staring at strangers private parts. If only he knew what I was thinking.

I watch him take a vacated seat and spread his legs. My gosh, I want to straddle his lap and grind against him. Toss my scrub top on the gentlemen in business suits in the row beside his and press my breasts to his lips. I don’t care if he’s taken, I want him now.

Next stop is mine. I have to get off this train before I consider acting on my desires.


  1. That’s really hot! I love daydreaming about what it would be like with a stranger I see out somewhere. You had my attention all the way. Good story…

      1. Ha ha, I didn’t think I was that brave either, but what I noticed was that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.
        That was one of the hardest things I have ever done…

  2. Oh my, he sounds so hot! You make me want to go catch a train, or a bus, or something, just to stare at a nice package. Nothing wrong with that! Wait, maybe there is, but I want to do it too, so strength in numbers. 🙂

  3. Your stories are always so sexy! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who fantasizes about strangers..I should take your lead and start writing my own fantasies out.. 🙂

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