Proof Positive

Here’s a proof from the shoot on Monday. This is a shot with nothing done to it, but I wanted to share.


I did it to remind myself that my body is beautiful. Imperfections add quality.

I foresee me dropping a lot of money on the final prints. Hey! Maybe I’ll have a giveaway of one of the pictures, yes? Because who doesn’t want a 5×7 of my naked body? πŸ˜‰

I can pass along the name of this photographer if anyone is interested in baring all.


  1. I don’t notice any imperfections from that angle…you look beautiful…although i would be willing to check out different angles just to make sure… lol πŸ˜‰
    BTW how does one go about getting a password for your protected blogs? out of curiosity

  2. You are absolutely beautiful Cara! No imperfections! You are perfect in my opinion. I understand how you feel though, I am just beginning to see myself and TRY not to criticize. We have to see ourselves ad beautiful and perfect before anyone else will. ❀

  3. Your natural modesty is showing through and your writing is getting far too long.
    For instance…take this line:
    “Because who doesn’t want a 5Γ—7 of my naked body? ;)”
    It is much too long. It should, of course, read:
    “Because who doesn’t want my naked body? ;)”

  4. Wow! Drop the money, it is so worth it! You have an excellent photographer and Cara, it is a stunning picture you have chosen to share with us. The pose, position, angle, colours all work together beautifully. None of these adjectives will do justice to describe you in the picture, and I would reiterate many of the comments above, so I will simply say you are all woman – go strut your stuff!

  5. Lovely picture – don’t have the slightest clue what flaws you refer to however.
    Kudos to you and the photographer and you should definitely feel happy about keeping this (and the rest) for your own albums/record.

      1. Maybe, but as we can agree, it’s the lack of perfection and uniqueness thereof that makes something special and beautiful. So try not to focus on the imperfection and be proud that you are a lovely young lady.

  6. That is breathtaking. You are stunningly beautiful. The way your hand is resting on your chest give the image a story – it’s so delicate and powerful. I’m blown away. Good job, girl!

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