30, 30, 30

My glitchy WordPress app posted this early. No sense changing it since the cat’s already out of the bag. Here ya go…

Age is just a number, right? Stressing about the fact that I’m getting older really serves no other purpose than stopping me from doing the awesome things I could be doing. I think that’s part of why I’m doing the list thing to remind myself that there’s so much left to accomplish in my life. Not everything is sexual and there’s so many things I want to do just to prove that I can.

So, I need to get this list out because it’s the end of October and I need to give myself enough time to actually accomplish my 30 before 30 list. I’ve included the unaccomplished things from my Projecting list.

30 things I’d like to do before I turn 30.

vacation alone: domestic
learn how to successfully make a complicated meal
visit 2 bloggers I’ve known from my Xangan years, LaNeshe and Thu (soon for both of those. Very soon!)
go to Greece on a guided tour
layover in London and have high tea
lose the 5lbs I keep meaning to
visit a therapist
learn a language (Spanish, French, or Italian)
find someone to practice new language on
do one thing to improve my self-confidence (like telling myself I’m beautiful every day)
start walking again at least 2x a week
try surfing just 1 time

learn how to salsa dance
learn to belly dance
model naked for a drawing class
initiate a conversation with an attractive stranger on the train
receive a lap dance from someone I’m attracted to
strip for a crowd of men
skinny dip
Try anal sex
allow myself to be restrained
try suspension or Japanese rope binding
learn how to relax enough to cum with someone inside me
take nudes outside

read my writing to a group of people
finish 2 stories (either editing or actual completion). Whisker Burn and Hunter’s Gazelle
do one thing within my profession that I’m afraid to do – apply to doctoral programs
keep my promise to send out a query letter on a story
take up personal journaling again
go to a writing conference

+1: photos taken of me during the act of sex. From the front and from behind.

So maybe I’ll modify these as I go, but I’ll try designating the 26th of the month as my check in day. Here’s hoping I learn to be fearless.


  1. Good luck Cara. I speak German, so not too much help here, and I don’t know how to salsa, but I’ve got a strip tease how-to type workout set thing I could send you. *hugs and kisses* beautiful girl.

  2. I set a notification on my phone to remind myself in a self-esteem/empowering way. It goes off at 9am everyday. I never miss it. Sometimes i see it later. But always it’s there as a reminder. An you should know how I love to be helpful…

  3. I did Salsa dancing for a while not only does it make you feel incredibly sexy while having fun it is such good exercise those 5lbs will soon fall off the really hard part is finding a partner to dance with as the classes tend to be full of women

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