Wine Me, Dine Me…

It’s been a miserable ass day of traveling and I’m still not to my destination. Just indulging in a memory to make me feel better. I’ll have to tell you about the time I asked him to jack off for me. Mercy…

I’m determined to make him cum, but it’s nearly impossible to focus.

It’s the way his fingers dip almost absently into my pussy, stroking and petting and making me jump at the sensation. Something that distracts me to no end because I can’t help shying away when someone touches me for the first time. I find I prefer servicing over being serviced, unless it’s the right person. Instead of letting it deter me for too long, I just let my mouth sink back down on his cock while his fingers play on.

He’s hard, so deliciously hard, and I’m greedy for each salty drop of precum that I suck from him. I see it as a mini win in the big battle to taste his cum in all its glory before it slides down my throat.

See, I’m dedicated to the task even though he says it’s difficult to make him lose control. I like the challenge, I like to win, and with a man this cute I want that degree of power. Puffy lips and sore jaw be damn, I want to taste him.

I’m willing to devote myself to this particular form of worship to the exclusion of all else.


Until he maneuvers me around and parts my thighs so his head finds its way in between. I register the first lick and suck at my clit with a nervous shudder. I falter, my mouth around him for a beat and then I release him. I eye his straining cock bobbing in front of me, ever enticing.

There’s no prodding to continue, no hand on my back or slap on my ass. He’s waiting me out.

Will we continue on mutual pleasure? His tongue teasing between my wet lips as I suck and lave at him? And who would give out first? Would he be rewarded with the musky cream from my cunt before I taste the slightly bitter tang of his cum? Would my slickness cover him from nose to chin as I ground into his face from above? Would I be rewarded with the upward thrust of his hips as he toppled over the edge?

I do love a challenge especially when issued in such a sexy way.


  1. Very hot… Not only on trains…you must (not quite) fly more often!

    Is it a transport thing? Have you tried ships? Buses? Cars? Bicycles?

    1. There was a really hot Spanish man on the last leg of my trip yesterday. He was so sexy and then he started speaking and I nearly swooned.

      I’ll be on a cruise in a week and a half so I’m sure I’ll add ships soon. 😉

  2. I never cease to be amazed at your ability to pack so much vivid description into such a small volume of words. Like others have said, I thought it was cool that you described your suddenly 69 experience as a sexual competition. Hey, as long as there’s a rule for automatic disqualification as the penalty for biting, I could get into that! And the story that inspired me to make that remark, is one story that I won’t be telling… Lol 🙂

    1. I’m much better at short stories than I am at long ones. I love winning when it comes to making my partner cum first. I get such satisfaction out of it, winning.

      Now I want to hear story!

      1. Here is a brief version of what happened. During a 69 experience I had back in the day, as my partner became increasingly overcome with her oncoming orgasm, she also became increasingly less aware of what she was doing to me. Without meaning to, she bit me hard enough to leave teeth marks, but not hard enough to cause more serious damage. It was more startling than painful for me, but still not an experience I’d want to repeat again. I’ve been able to enjoy sharing 69s frequently since then, but I’m also more aware of what can happen when my partner is enjoying what I’m doing to her, to the point that she’s no longer fully aware of what she’s doing to me.

      2. I stopped sucking when I was caught up. First and only 69 experience so far so I have no idea how I’d be in subsequent encounters. Time will tell.

        Glad you came out of that with everything in tact… 😉

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