Little To Do With Right

Merry Christmas. I’m a bit rusty so this is just to get me back into the swing of things.

She was going to hell. The special corner where car salesmen and straw market hawkers go.

The thought circulated in her brain as she led him back to her room. She glanced over her shoulder at him when they reached her door. He was entirely too young for her. The shoulders stretching the purple dress shirt were broad enough, the muscles full-grown as he flexed the arm wrapped around her waist, but the face was bursting with too much innocence matching the chin hairs struggling to form a beard on his otherwise smooth face.

What was she doing picking high school kids up at Christmas parties? The egg nog must have gone to her head faster than she realized because his talk sparked a lot of heat between her thighs. It was hard to say no to the smile when he asked if he could stop in for a quick drink. Was he even old enough to drink?

She was going to hell in a hand basket, but the big mitt squeezing her ass seemed more than capable of helping her enjoy the ride.

Turning away, she pushed into her hotel room and moved to the bed. He was on her before she could slip off her candy cane colored heels. The press of his tight body to her back threatened to erase her good sense. Her hands found their way to the bedspread just as his hands pulled her breasts free of her wrap dress.

“Awful eager, aren’t you, stud?” It was hard to concentrate with his lips teasing that spot behind her ear.

He just chuckled and maneuvered her on to her back on the bed. Watching him strip out of his clothes showed her he was definitely grown up. That bronze skin shimmered in the lamp light and he tossed her a wink before dropping his pants. Her eyes fell to his waist like iron pulled by a magnet.

She blinked at the weapon he was packing between his thighs. “Merry Christmas to me. I hope you know what to do with that thing, young man.”

A quiver took her at the focused intent in his eyes. “Let me show what I can do with it.”

He took ahold of her stockinged foot and slid her down the bed toward him. It was obvious he was old enough to handle her. Something told her she was going to need more than one go to understand how good he was at it.

She hoped she could talk her way into a cozier section of hell after she asked forgiveness for this.


      1. My first muse, who turns 21 at the end of April…silly hot young man, I was very confused by him for a long time, now I’ve just lost interest.

      2. Guys that young lose their appeal quick the older you get. They just seem flighty after the things you’ve already done compared with what they’ve yet to do. They sure are hot though.

  1. Speaking as someone that most of society would consider the wrong side of 40 I think this actually resonates simply because we all have a little cougar in us and can think of one or two young men who we know we should say no to but if the asked we would actually flex our claws instead 😀

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