Looking Back

It’s pretty customary to review the past year on the Eve of a new one. I was ready to jump on board and discuss how 2013 treated me, but vetoed that.

I’m in a hotel room because I have an early flight out tomorrow to San Diego. More than likely I’ll have a beer to celebrate the new year and then head to bed before the ball drops.

The thing on my mind in relation to the closing year is the people I’ve interacted with. Many are people I’ve found online. Some I’ve known a long time, some for a short while, others I’ve met and enjoy spending time with.

I wanted to say thank you to the people who have come alongside me, cheered me on when I made some big changes, read my stories, served as proofreaders, emailed me and offered words of encouragement, and sent me lovely pictures of themselves. I could list all the people this applies to directly, but you shouldn’t even wonder if I’m talking to you because more than likely I am.

You made 2013 livable. I appreciate you and look forward to 2014 because you’re around.


  1. Well, hope the flight goes well and that you’ve got a good book for the plane ride. A happy new year and I hope the beer’s extra tasty. May 2014 be a whopping great good one 😉

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