They call me easy.

Lower case ‘e’ and filled with all the implications that word implies. A derogatory term meant to shame me for the way my legs divide. I make fools of their shame because I own it. I own my easy ways.

Easy in the way I lift my hips. The judgment pouring down on my back makes me chuckle because the cocks parting my flesh are attached to the lips doing the condemning. I simply tell them to thrust harder that way the wet slap of our bodies drowns out the pity they think they feel.

Easy in the way I present my breasts. My cleavage will be the downfall of men, beckoning mouths to suckle blackberry nipples and lips to kiss between pillowed mounds. But I always enjoy the lips of the hypocrite on my skin more than any admitted sinner that would come to me.

Easy in the way my mouth opens wide. I’ll welcome the uncontrolled thrusts and the cum coated tongue I get from men who can’t believe I would stoop so low. I’m not stooping though, I’m kneeling quite willingly to receive and the taste isn’t beneath me.

Easy lips that petal open, wet and wanting. Easy eyes that flutter shut, glossy and full of lust. Easy legs that invite you in, deeper and deeper inside.

My term of endearment as I offer my body. They call me easy because it feels better to condemn when you can’t correct your own sin.


      1. Hm… Interesting. My mind was pretty blank when I wrote her. The words themselves are what I felt, not the ton. I’m one of those people who can’t “see” the story they write. I feel the words and have to add the appropriate description so it translates to the reader.

      2. Ahh, ok. I actually see it in my head and have to get it down so everyone else can see it too. I get frustrated when my words don’t fit what I see in my mind.

  1. Beautifully written. That’s a word I’ve always found myself embracing, even when it is meant to be derogatory. You’ve just gotta own it. As you have clearly embodied here.


  2. I’ve tried 3 times to write something insightful in the comment box, only to fail to adequately express my feelings. So I’ll just say, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your version of easy 🙂

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