Winter Months

I made it to my new place in sunny California today.

Is there a better place to spend the winter months than somewhere sunny and over 70 degrees?

Sorry I’ve been so short on stories lately. It’s been wicked busy for me and I haven’t had a chance to finish anything. I do have at least one halfway finished story in drafts though!

The good thing is what I haven’t invested in writing I’ve been doing in editing. One of my 30s before 30 was to edit one of the stories I loved. Well, Hunter’s Gazelle (poor story is on draft 3 or something) is getting an edit. I find myself enjoying the story. Could be promising in completing my other item which is to send query letters. We’ll see I guess.

So, all this to say that I’ll hopefully be back to writing shorts soon.


    1. I did. It was a story I couldn’t quite let go of. It’s go through a couple of edits. One big one and then a few small ones.

      I’m actually here for work so I’ll be here a while.

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