Skillful Hands

Inspired by this post.

I’m not sure what to expect laying here on this table. The woman who led me into the room had pressed her hand to my lower back and told me to take my time removing my clothes.

“Consider it a first step to releasing your self,” she said as she stared into my eyes. “When you’re ready to let go, simply remove your clothes and lay on the table.”

She disappeared like a vapor before I could even ask how the hell I’mย supposed to tell someone I was ready. I stared at the door for two or three minutes before I finally convinced myself to remove clothes.

I’ve had my share of full body massages, submitting to the ministrations of a stranger on my body, but I knew thisย was different.ย My curiosity led me here and while I itched to spring from the bed and run, I didn’t.

Mood music piped through unseen speakers. The temperature felt perfect as I lay there and my body melted into the soft bed as I waited. A few minutes of that and I drift off in a doze.

The hands massaging up my calves have to be a dream. They certainly feel like it. The right amount of pressure that relaxes and arouses. God, I moan before the heavenly hands reach mid-thigh.

“Take a deep breath for me, miss.”

I’m awake now. I’m talking eyes as wide as my thighs are at the moment. That voice is too deep to belong to a woman and the fingers splaying the lips of my pussy wide aren’t tiny in any way.

“Oh. My. God.” Did I moan that out?

“The heart of a woman lies in the depth of her core. Take a deep breath and allow your core to open up.”

The ceiling blurs above me as the pad of his thumb circles my clit. I suck in a breath, knowing I have to or I’m going to pass out. The tremble in my body has gone from fine to pronounced the second he presses just above my aching bud.

“This can bring you closer to heaven if you let it. I need you to breathe and relax; this is how you open yourself up.”

He moves up to massage my mound and then further up to my stomach. I have to close my eyes before he comes into view. The need to have this man remain a mystery is important to me for an unknown reason.

“Let the energy in your being stay focused in your core as I massage. Feel it moisten, spread, fill with blood, and blossom out.”

I don’t know how, but his words seemed to speak to my body. Not just arousing me, but relaxing me in a way I felt from the inside out. By the time he started rubbing between my breasts and up my shoulders, my pussy felt full and wet.

“That center echoes out to every part of your body.” He kneaded the knots in the side of my neck, touching that spot behind my ear that makes me quiver.

God, yes. I felt his touch right between my thighs and sank my teeth into my lip to stop the moan bubbling up.

“That center of you knows when the rest of you is tense.”

His hands knew my secret spots, hitting every single one on the way back to my cunt. The side of my breasts, the place below my belly button, the outward curve by my hips.

“And when you’re relaxed, when you’re ready, your core will find relief.”

The second the pad of his thumb presses into my clit, I explode with a surprised cry.

“Oh my god.” I can barely breathe, but I’m on fire and can’t stop the spasms gripping me.

“The beauty of opening yourself is now you can find that release, that heaven, over and over.”

His voice slipped into my mind like his fingers slipped between my lips to find my g-spot. A tap and the wave surged again, leaving me seeing stars behind my closed eyes. I’ve never orgasmed by a man’s hand ever, but in the space of three minutes he made me cum hard. Twice.

“This is your heaven. This is the place where you find relief. The eroticism of tantra gives you pleasure and spiritual release.”

The way my body shakes says it all. The tremors flowing through me says even more.

“Oh my god.” It’s a prayer now as I lay spent in darkness and sated pleasure.

“May you continue to find Him here.” He pressed his open palm to my open cunt and all I could do was nod.


      1. me too. I might just have to do some googling later myself. Or as my husband to learn a new style of massaging. Although I’m thinking half the excitement is from the fact that a stranger would be giving the happy ending. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I wonder in your reading, did they say anything about offering these types of massages for men too?

        I’d be interested in a Tantric Couples Massage. Now that could be HOT!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I have never had a massage…but I do believe if you have his address I would
    like to experience that one !
    good read…and may you dream into that heaven …i hope I do LOLs..
    Take Care…You Matter…

      1. really..never had one…LOLs..
        maybe one day….
        but your post has sure got me thinking I need too!

  2. Thanks for expounding on the female 1st person version of a favorite fantasy of mine. But too bad that in my case, although I’ve had more than a few incredible hour long full body massages, none of them involved a “happy ending”. Except for only one time… that was nothing like what you skillfully described here.

    I had a pounding headache, and most of my body ached that evening, but it was a Sunday night and the places I went for a massage were closed. But I found this other place called “The Ultimate” that was still open and against my better judgement, I went there.

    My female masseuse was an aging former prostitute, and when I told her that I wanted a “straight” massage because of my head and muscle aches, her reply was “Why don’t you just take a couple aspirin like everyone else?”

    I’ll have to come back and finish this one later, because my wife just walked in… Lol – But then again, maybe it’s best if I don’t, so I don’t end up blogging on your blog, since that seems to be where I’m already headed with this “comment”.

      1. Why, that’s a really good idea Cara, and I think that I’ll actually try it, since there’s some potential for a humorously “happy ending” to my story. ๐Ÿ™‚

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