Update (or work is killing my soul)

Sorry that the stories have spaced out. I’m working 12 hour nights and it takes a serious toll on me.

There’s a half-finished story rotting away in my draft box. It’s been there since January, the poor thing! It has so much potential, but I haven’t had the energy to finish it and I can’t bring myself to delete the 1k words. Maybe some day it’ll see the light…

So, if you remember my 30 before 30 list (and don’t worry if you don’t, I haven’t exactly made a ton of headway on it with 5 months remaining), one goal was to query/send a completed story out. I’ve gotten Hunter’s Gazelle through a number of edits and I’m fairly satisfied with it. A tweaking should make it palatable to readers. They may actually like it, but who the hell knows. Really, when is a manuscript ever good enough? I’m surprised I’ve stuck with this one long enough to get it through so many edits!

Anyway, I happened to see a tweet about a BDSM writers con in New York August 21-24. What a novel idea! My interest was piqued. It’s not geared just towards writers which makes it even more interesting to me. My level of interest soared when I saw the book contest details

I may put a high shine on HG and try submitting it. What’s it going to hurt, eh? If they don’t like it, I can send it through another edit and take a stab at querying. The other option is self-publishing again. No risk, no reward though.

So, there’s my update. Work is destroying my life creativity, bucket list is not even partially complete, may submit a story, someday my prince will come.

And on that note, I need more sleep.


  1. I would looooooove to go to BDSM writers con this year but with everything else we have planned, there’s no way to make it happen this year.

    Good luck! I have no doubt SOMEONE will pick up that manuscript!

  2. Write it, polish it, submit it,and send me tickets to the movie premier. Just getting it ready for submission is a huge accomplishment. Maybe between now and the weekend you can make some progress…..

  3. Hi Cara! Sorry that work is so hard. So sorry to not be around. I just seem to check my email and not go through my WP app and realized I haven’t seen anything come up from you. I then went to my settings and I wasn’t getting your posts. Made the change so I can read your stories again. Stay well and I hope you get some much needed rest ~Elle

      1. Yes!!! I was off WP so long and only got back this last month or so. I’ve missed everyone, but I’m so out of the loop. I remember your stories on the train. They were are hot! Everything comes in stages and waves. Hope yiu get to go to the BDSM writer’s con. That sounds like so much fun.

      2. My father in law was in hospice and then he passed away in October. Sister in law moved here, we had to deal with his estate and life got really hard. Bottoms kept falling out and family bombshells were making me take cover. Holidays were hard. Took a while to catch my breath.

  4. Cara, you can totally do this. It is a herculean feat to have completed a rough draft, let alone the subsequent edits. And you’ve already got such a great writing style! Go the distance. You owe this to yourself. (And, if it helps you submit, consider that you owe it to all of us. We, who “knew you when.” šŸ˜‰ )

    1. It’s always a question of the edits being enough to make it finished. I guess I do owe it to myself to at least try. It seems a waste not to. And I do owe it to you guys, too! Lol

  5. Ugh, woman! That sounds terrible! No one should have to work 12 hour shifts! It’s inhumane!

    Re HG, I’m sure it’s great as is and you should definitely try to go to that writer’s con! I wish I could!

  6. spit shine it up and send it…
    and go get some sleep…
    Have a rest-filled night and dream away!
    Take Care…You Matter…

      1. not sure where it came from LOLs..
        olde Army daze I think..but it seem to
        want to be written…
        have a good night…

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