Wound Tight

I need to write!

She squeezed her eyes shut, jaw clenching as she tried to hold herself together. The race of her heart filled her ears, eclipsing the rush of her breath as it hissed from her.

A lesson in utter concentration. A lesson in self control.

The air brushing over her flushed skin was torture as she fought to ignore the unavoidable ache. Her breasts felt heavy, her nipples so tight and begging for a mouth. Sweat bathed her body; it beaded on her forehead and over her top lips, pooled in the hollow of her collarbone, slipped in rivulets down her breasts, and coated her stomach. She burned from the inside out.

A steady buzz was a low note to the high tone of her heart. A steady buzz that pressed firmly to her clit and translated into a pleasure so deep she didn’t know how she held on so long. Her world shrank to the buzz that ruled her, radiating to every part until she’d become one raw nerve.

Bound hands and feet kept her so still, unable to tip the balance on her pleasure/pain.

“I can’t,” she whispered. She felt his heat beside her in an instant.

Warm breath brushed over one taut nipple, pulling a groan from her. A ripple moved through her body and she barely suppressed a shudder that threatened to send her over. Fingertips traced her open thighs, trailing up to her cunt. She wept there, liquid of a different kind coating plump lips with her desire. Her musky was heavy in the air.

Against her will, her hips rocked in a seeking lunge.

“A little more.”

That dark voice, his rasping baritone that made her clench, teased her. She whimpered, trying to hold on to her control. To prove it to herself.

Her heart continued it’s thundering so loud she almost missed when the buzzing stopped. She nearly sobbed in a combination of relief and agony. Her body hovered on that razor’s edge of ecstasy and it throbbed like a toothache for attention.

“You deserve a reward for that hard work.”

Lips wrapped around her engorged clit, sucking so hard she screamed. It was enough and too much all at once. The coalescence of things to a fine point. Suddenly she was sightless eyes, quivering body, and clenching cunt. There was no more room for self control.


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