Give Me THAT Girl

“Man, she is so far out of your league you two aren’t even in the same galaxy.”

True. Fucking. Story.

Brad couldn’t deny the truth of Mark’s words. This girl was out of his league; it was there in the way she carried herself as she floated across the room. She screamed high-class and dignified from the tilt of her chin, to the glow of her dark skin, to the subtle but oh so sexy sway of her hips. They probably had little in common, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her or ignore the way his heart stopped when she glanced his way as she passed. Her eyes spoke of intelligence and sensuality in equal parts, things he wanted to know.

There was no stopping the prick of desire even when the odds weren’t in his favor. He wanted this girl, had to feel the heat of her skin gliding against his. Just picturing her naked above him, sweat slicking her body as she rode his dick like an African queen, had his pulse pounding at a dangerous rate. The lovely contrast of their bodies writhing together demanded discovery.

That desire to have her was enough to make him take the risk.

“Everybody likes a challenge.” It was cocky self-assurance that made him smile.

“You’re fucking mental, man…”

The words fell on empty space. Brad was already making his way through the crowd toward his brown skin beauty.

Surrounded by her friends, she stood out like a beacon. He apparently believed in magic because the air glimmered like starlight around her. As he approached, her eyes connected with his and he felt that same punch to his gut. The force of it made his steps falter, but momentum and naked desire propelled him through the crowd to her side.

Brad touched fingertips to that tempting place just above the swell of her ass. He was pressing his damn luck and risking getting slapped before he even spoke to her, but call him a daredevil tonight. All in.

“You look like you could use a drink.” He spoke the words into her ear, inhaling the coconut scent that lingered on her skin.

She turned dark eyes his way, depths fathomless as they appraised him. “I believe I already have a drink in hand.”

Her eyes held his as she brought the glass to her lips. His dick filled to bursting as he watched her sip and swallow, her tongue darting out to lick a slow line along her purple tinted upper lip. How she made that simple act erotic was beyond him, but he pictured all the things she’d do with her tongue on his body.

“Yea, but that drink won’t last all night.” He let his hand settle on the curve of her hip as she turned to face him. “I figured I should offer before some other smooth talking chump got the chance.”

“I see.” The corner of her mouth quirked up. “And I can’t be seen drinking with just any man, can I?”

“Damn straight. A girl as pretty as you deserves to be seen with the right guy.”

“And you’re that guy?” She lifted her glass to her lips again, one perfect brow arching in question as her eyes danced above the rim. “How do I know you’re not one of the chumps I need saving from?”

Brad chanced pulling her toward him, close enough that the tips of her breasts grazed his chest. Leaning in, he inhaled her exotic scent again before bringing his lips back to her ear.

“Maybe I’m exactly the kind of guy you think I am, but maybe I’m nothing like you’re expecting. You can’t know unless you give me a chance, can you? Just a drink, beauty, you can decide after.”

There was no denying he held his breath. Waiting for her to accept his offer made all his false confidence fall away. Brad knew that even if she said yes, getting her to agree to more would be far harder. That made his want of her that much more acute. She was the epitome of his unattainable beauty.

The clink of her glass on the table tore him from his musings. She pressed her body flush against his, sliding her palm around to the nape of his neck. He felt surrounded by her and his hand tightened on her hip to hold her in place. Those lips came within inches of his until he could almost taste the whiskey on her breath.

“One drink. Let’s see if you can prove me wrong.”

She stepped out of his embrace and moved around him to head to the bar. The sway of that fantastic ass galvanized his frozen limbs. Like he said, he loved a good challenge.


  1. Ahhhh Cara – this is like just about everything of yours I’ve read to date – smooth, so very sexy and really vivid images. Every man I know can relate to this (probably most of the women too) and it all comes down to risk vs reward – there’s no point in the chase if the trophy isn’t worth the effort.

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