Been thinking about this post

I’m old enough
Age, experience, time

Accomplished enough
Degrees, wisdom, ability

That I should open my eyes each day
And know I’m capable
More than able
Can take on the world
With the snap of my fingers

Except a fear resides in me

A worry that I can’t
That I won’t
That none of my training prepares me

I’m confronted with this reality
My know how makes no difference
My capabilities do not a capable me make

I’m left drowning in worry
Dancing in uncertainty
Faced with the real possibility
That I’m no good at what I do

But it’s the pressing on that reassures me
The getting up and going on
The Thank Yous

Those things remind me


  1. Can we get Jayne to bite you here, too?

    The thing about professionals is that they constantly probe the edges of their knowledge and ability, constantly know their real limitations. Just as you do here.
    The less good people simply don’t know the limitations are there. For anybody.

      1. I feel the exact way you do Cara, and you’re right, it’s the thank yous, the thankful people that keep me coming back Keep up the good work sweetheart!

  2. Spencer Tracey’s advice to young actors was, “Show up on time, know your lines, and don’t bump into the furniture.” Whether you’re an actor, a writer, a dog groomer, a doctor, or a stay at home mom, I think that advice serves us all well. You are prepared so all you have to do is just be in the moment one moment at a time.

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