The Value of Sleep

Restless turning
Twisted sheets

Shallow dreams
Choppy breathing

Chatty tongue
Babble, babble

Dawn breaks
Groggy recollections

Body aches
Dragging frame

Unpaid debt
Adding up, adding up


  1. Oh honey, you have a lot on your mind. I had terrible insomnia for over 3 years. I only got at the very most 4 hours of sleep a night, most nights only 2-3, and on a very rare occassion maybe 6. It took a terrible toll on my body, mind, soul, emotions, and family. Do everything in your power to find a way to sleep. Sleep deficits can never be made up. Lecture over. *hugs* xoxox

    1. I’ve had issues with my sleep for years. It’s usually because I’m anxious. I’ll have periods where I’ll get very little sleep for long stretches or not sleep at all. Working nights doesn’t help. I’ll get it sorted.

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