1. Maybe so we can say that, for some of it’s life span, that beauty was ours.
    So once might say, “for a moment, it was *mine*.”
    Even if it means less time for the flower’s beauty to remain.

    My two cents 🙂 .

  2. I have no idea why except to have it close by. I have purple iris’ and when the bed is in bloom, I have to go to the back of my house to see them. If there are many, I’ll cut some to be inside…selfish as I am. : )

  3. In order to keep a rose bush healthy it must be pruned in order to keep the energy of the plant directed at producing healthy buds. True beauty requires constant rebirth in order to thrive.

  4. There is so much ugly in our life time, we just want to hold a moment of beauty, knowingly that it will wilt soon.. But, that moment…

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