“Wider.” His hands pressed until her thighs shook with the strain. “Comfortable?”

Her eyes jerked to his, knowing fire shot from their depths but unable to hide her irritation. He took acute satisfaction in her vexation as well as her pleasure, but this she refused to indulge him on.

“Quite,” she bit out, arching her back in a vain attempt to lessen the pull. “You know exactly how to move me for maximum enjoyment.”

He simply laughed, his fingers pinching one erect nipple hard enough that she groaned with pain. It shot like a laser straight to her cunt, sending a trickle of wetness down the crack of her ass. The mischievous sparkle in his eyes said he knew the reaction he’d get teasing her.

“Ms. Smarty-Pants.” He clucked his tongue at her once before seating himself on the chair at the head of the table. This placed him right at the juncture of her exposed pussy, making her feel vulnerable in a way she hadn’t anticipated.

“That’s exactly how you like me,” she fired back, her eyes flicking between the intent look on his face and the ceiling. More than strain made her thighs shake then.

When he spread her labia wide, her eyes shot back to him. The way his tongue moved across his full bottom lip moistening it served to make another trickle slip from her body. Her cheeks blazed at the approving noise he made at the sight of her desire, which had the maddening effect of making her wetter.

“I’m already picturing the way you’re going to taste. Creamy enough to eat with a spoon.” A look of raw hunger crossed his face and her mouth went dry.


Whatever she meant to say died on her lips at the sensation of his tongue. He licked from top to bottom before retracing the path back down. The point of his tongue darting in to swirl along the walls of her cunt rendered her dumb. Another lick and she was gripping his curly black hair, anything to anchor her.

He teased and tasted her like that for long moments until she cried out his name. She shook, sobbing with the release that tumbled from her. The loud slurps he made as he sucked her down with greedy gulps would’ve been obscene if she had full awareness.

“Delicious.” His hum of pleasure seemed to vibrate along her sensitive flesh.


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