A dignified affair
No tie, no suit
Seated comfortably
A sophisticated feast

An arm slid around her waist just as she lifted the pan to turn the omelet. She let out an undignified squeal nearly dropping her food. He wrapped a steadying hand around hers.

“Morning.” She turned her attention back to the dish.

“Mmm, good morning. Are you making me something delicious? I’m starving.” The desire that filled that soft murmur communicate the true nature of his hunger.

He drew her back against his naked body, pressing the thick length of his cock into her bottom. The heat of him permeated her thin cotton shorts. They wouldn’t get breakfast if she didn’t concentrate, but she couldn’t help teasing him just a little.

A tiny wiggle of her hips produced a groan from him and settled him nicely between her cheeks.

“I’m making you an omelet with spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, and salmon. Biscuits are in the oven and I’ll quick fry some bacon in a bit.” She rocked her hips and he slid up the curve of her back. “Coffee’s ready for you.”

“You spoil me,” he rasped out as his cock slid back down between her cheeks.

A tiny smile tilted up her lips. She thought about the things he’d done for her, including the five orgasms he’d given her last night. Her pussy fluttered just thinking about it.

“You need spoiling. This is the only way you let me take care of you.” She bent forward slightly, hands still working to cook his omelet, and he rocked against her.

Canting her hips forward, she slipped her shorts down, allowing them to touch skin to skin. He pushed her shirt up beneath her breasts so she felt the trail of pre-cum coating her back. The apron protected her from the heat of the stove, but seemed to hold the heat of his body until she felt like she could burn up.

His deep groan of pleasure at their contact served to arouse her. Her thighs grew damp as he slid up and down between the full globes of her ass. His head rested on her shoulder, his lips pressing tiny kisses to her neck with each slow thrust.

It took effort, but she turned her focus back to finishing the omelet before it burned. She plated his and began cracking eggs for her own, determined not to allow the lust swirling in the kitchen or her treacherous cunt stop her from making him a good breakfast.

She managed to remain focused long enough to finish her own food. And not a moment too soon because the erratic thrust of his hips told her he was close to finishing.

“I want you to come with me.” He slipped the hand pressed to her stomach down to tease her clit and within moments she was rocking back against him, panting as an orgasm coiled tight inside her.

She could barely breathe as he drove them both on.

“Mmm,” he husked. “I want to cover you with my cum at the same time you coat my fingers with yours. I want us both hot and wet as we sit down to eat.”

The image of him cleaning his fingers of her cream before taking a bite of egg was too much.

“God, yes.” She came with a strangled scream, her body shuddering and shaking, taking him over the edge with her.

He jerked with each jet, moaning her name over and over, coating them with warm gushes of his cum. She felt it splash her back before rolling down to cover her ass, intensifying her climax.

When the height of their bliss dimmed, they relaxed. She braced on the edge of the stove as he slumped into her back. The hand he’d buried in her cunt came to rest against her belly, smearing her liquid desire all over her skin.

“We’re a mess.” She went to move, but he trapped her with the weight of his body. “I really need a shower.”

“Not before we’ve had breakfast. Open up.”

She expected him to scoop a bit of the omelet into her mouth, but he placed his cream coated digits on her tongue. She closed her lips around him, tasting herself.

“Time to eat,” he whispered, sinking his teeth into her shoulder as she sucked eagerly on his fingers.


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