I wasn’t

I almost titled this “I wish I wasn’t”.

Because I care too much about how people feel about me, I don’t handle people turning away from me well.

Opinions and silence matter equally to me, and inconsistency is confusing.

I wish I wasn’t so sensitive
Unbelievably fragile when I don’t believe I am

Speak with fork tongues?
I’m easily drawn in
My gullibility astounds even me

I don’t care
But really I do
I find I care too much about you
Enough to write and rhyme
When life doesn’t normally flow so well

I’m a single, solitary thing
Single-handedly doing solitary as though it’s my thing

Left alone to trot off alone
And write bad poetry to forget


  1. There are more people in your shoes, then you will ever know. But they do not have the ability to write poetry to help ease their mind…

    peace and love

  2. I came upon your blog by accident and unless I mark it as a “favourite” ,I doubt I will be able to find it again

    I think that being gullible is a virtue in todays street-wise ,smart arse, quick -with -a put-down – world.
    A gullible person is in some degrees, innocent ,open ,frank ,trusting – someone to be cherished. Anyone can be cynical but the gullible person presents the other cheek and,keeps on smiling.

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