Smoke and mirrors

Thirty feels no different than twenty-nine. Well, it doesn’t if I don’t think about the fact that my next major decade is forty…

Never mind that potential mental breakdown, I’m back from vacation. Sadly that means back to work soon.

I keep thinking about how I don’t feel real sometimes. Take this perfectly staged photo


I think about all the imperfections you can’t see. My stretch marks (breasts, arms, hips, thighs). I wonder if I really appeal when I’m face to face and naked in front of someone.

Confidence can go a long way, right? Maybe it’s a matter of increasing mine.

Or maybe I need another vacation.


  1. Oh, and it might be a perfectly staged photo, but it looks like a perfectly staged beautiful body! Looks to me light you got it going on there girl…. Be confident! Hugs, Mynx

  2. As individuals we’re always thinking about our imperfections, but 99 percent of the time, when you’re naked with someone they never notice the imperfections we always dwell on…they’re too excited about what’s coming next πŸ˜‰ lol

  3. Forty feels horrifying! Lol! I am alway curious as to how many of my imperfections are taken into account by my suitors. They at least have the tact to not mention them. (So far, anyway!)


  4. Ah Cara dear. 30 and beautiful, remember that! As far as imperfections go, we’ve all got them. Every single one of us. Embrace them, like they are the souvenirs of a life lived. Love you my dear! *hugs and kisses*

  5. CC, You have to change the words you keep telling yourself. That’s easier said than done but it would slowly change your mindset. Slow and steady … xoxo

  6. If I could go back in time and speak to my 30 yeat old self I wouldn’t talk, I would smack her upside her head. You are gorgeous. Own it! I lost valuable years not loving myself and hating what I saw in the mirror. I had stretch marks on my breasts and butt before having kids. They were a product of fast development during puberty. They faded and the pregnancy ones did too. No man ever turned away from me because of them.

  7. Damn, just wrote this all out but the comment error’d…
    Having just turned 30 a year ago, I just want to say that any negative side to it is more to do with what we perceive culturally whereas in reality it means little to nothing and is just an arbitrary benchmark that’s gotten a bad rep. There are many reasons why as a 30 year old adult I actually feel good.
    As far as how you look goes, I’ve not seen you per-se, but what I HAVE seen in what images you’ve shared here in the time I’ve been dropping in, you look lovely and you have nothing to feel bad about by any stretch. Truly.
    I’d like to echo another comment: “a woman’s imperfections make her real, and worth loving.”
    So relish your “imperfections” for they are a big part of what makes you uniquely you.
    Oh and there’s always call for another vacation. πŸ˜‰

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