Buffet Froid

Been a while. A quickie…

Be as still as she could. A slow breath in through her nose, an easy breath out through her mouth, and a gentle rise and fall of her chest. Nothing more than that.

Her instructions were to keep her eyes closed as she was decoration for the pleasure of her Master’s guests. It was hard remaining immobile as people milled around her. Just being on display unfurled raw need in her. The occasional brush of cloth along her bare skin was enough to send her anticipation through the roof.

Someone stood at her head. She felt eyes upon her, examining more than the food that graced her body. Another body hovered to her right, both conversing without any acknowledgement of her presence.

“The chef is world-renowned, I’ve heard. His speciality is the most delicate cuts of meats and artful presentations of sushi. Darren spared no expense tonight, as you can see.”

She didn’t know who spoke, but heard the answering murmur of approval from the man standing at her head.

Darren, her Master. She could hear the low strains of his voice in the crowd so she knew he was close. It reassured her to have him near, knowing he watched over her. It also aroused her as she sensed his approval.

“But how does it taste? It certainly looks spectacular.” These cultured tones had a curious effect on her body. Her pussy clenched at the undercurrent of lust and domination.

“Don’t be shy.” Darren’s deep voice sounded so suddenly she twitched in surprise. “You’ve never been in the past when it comes to enjoying decadent things.”

She knew he addressed the man at her head and the need to open her eyes was strong, but she resisted. It was easier to imagine the fine-cut of his suit, allowing the spicy scent of his cologne to fill her lungs and dampen her cunt.

A finger brushed along the curve of her hip, collecting a morsel off the crest of the bone. It was impossible not to shudder, her nipples tightening like twin peaks beneath the delicate sushi placed atop them.

Her reaction was a beacon for an eager mouth. It closed around the delicacy balanced on her nipple, engulfing her in wet heat that nearly bowed her back. A tongue laved the bud, around and around, tormenting her. She choked down her moan and held her pose.

Instead of releasing her to chew, the clever mouth held her nipple captive, sucking gently. A needy whimper slipped from her lips at the same time a drop of arousal dripped from her cunt. She reigned herself in again knowing her Master watched her closely.

A nibble at the tip just before he drew away sent a fresh wave of heat to her core.

“Yes, every bit as delicious as it looks.”


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