A story crafted with someone in mind.

Sit back and let me see you spread wide. Even as he sent the text he wondered if she’d go through with it.

He clamped a hand over his mouth as the picture flashed on his screen. She’d sent him a full on shot of her pussy and he felt his dick engorge to the point of pain.

His hand fell without thought to his lap, cupping the bulge in his jeans. Holy shit, he couldn’t breathe as he studied her.

She’d leaned back and opening her thighs so she was on display. The brown lips of her labia splayed wide so the enticing rosy center of her peeked out. Her hands curled beneath to cup her ass on either side, spreading them enough that her could see the delicious pucker between.

Would you like a taste?

Those words popped up beneath the picture and he groaned. She was killing him, teasing him mercilessly with the promise of not only sinking in her wet pussy but also tasting all that flesh.

His cock jumped under his palm and he slid his eyes to the door. Just a little relief…

Opening his belt and zipper, he sighed as he released a raging erection from his pants. His cock was a dark pink, the tip already starting to leak precum.

He gripped his cock at the base and held the phone in his other hand so he could look at her.

Send me a picture of your face, he typed out quickly.

She obeyed immediately, her bright eyes and smiling mouth before his eyes in a blink.

He’d love to shoot his load in her mouth or on her lips or smear it on her cheeks or…

Show me that pretty asshole. Up close

It was more than a minute before he had a picture. She’d found a way to prop the phone up so both hands were free to spread her fat ass wide. And right there in the middle was his treasure. The tight right of her pucker sat above the very wet lips of her pussy. It was so close. He had to swallow hard to moisten his suddenly dry mouth.

He tightened his grip on his cock and began to stroke up and down.

Know what I’d like to do?

There was no delay in her response. What?

I want to lick from cunt to asshole. I want to dance my tongue around that hole and stick it in as far as it’ll go. I’m going to wet it, make it as slick as your pussy, and then I’m going to stick my dick in and make you cum all over me.

He had to sit the phone down then. His hips had taken on a life of their own, humping up into his hand as he pictures fucking her ass. She’d be tight, a hot vise around him. She’d beg for him to cum in her ass, to fill her up.

“Oh, God.” He struggled to keep his voice down so no one would hear him through the door.

He was so close, teetering on the brink on images alone. Picking up the phone, he saw her text back, and with it he came with an arch of his back and a low cry.

I’m in town, waiting for you to do just that.


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