#MasturbationMonday – 1

I’m participating in Kayla’s weekly MM posting that she’s just started. Check here for rules, be awesome, and participate. This week’s prompt is simple. Instead of speaking of my experience, I want to relive a different moment.

My lips brush along his collarbone and his breath catches. I feel the shake of his body, the way he tenses and trembles beneath my fingertips as they trail down his arm. His skin is so warm and I want to press into his heat, but I hold myself still so I don’t distract him.

He moans softly and I cast my eyes down the length of his body without being obvious. I need to see, I need to absorb some of the tension and let it infuse my being. And what I see, what I watch, arouses me like none other.

“Will you jack off for me?”

We’d been playing a bit just prior. Me doing the teasing, light touches along his torso and legs that brought goosebumps up on his tan skin. I’d slipped beneath the covers and couldn’t help taking him into my mouth. I needed the taste of him on my tongue, seeking my pleasure from suckling at the hardest most delicate part of him.

I knew he’d never cum for me like that even though I wanted nothing more than to take control, using my mouth until he shot down my throat. Neither of us was good at relaxing enough to let go…

“You can’t watch.”

A low moan, an arched back, and I can’t keep my promise. I look and watch the erotic way he grips himself, pumping his hand up and down, lifting his hips to get that perfect for him glide. The head of his cock peeking out of his hand, begging for my tongue to tease it. I look away.

I press my face into his throat, nipping and sucking, biting at his earlobe, kissing the corner of his mouth, anything to stimulate him more. He’s panting, grunting, straining toward completion, and when it comes, his cry is everything I needed in that moment.

Finally I can look without distracting, and evidence of his success pools like liquid pearls on his stomach. I need my taste.

Moving down his body, I stop by his hip and let my tongue lick around the head of his cock.

“Too sensitive.”

He squirms away and I let him. If I could have pinned him down, I would’ve just so I could suck every last drop out. I settled for cleaning him up, letting my tongue dart out to lap him up as my dark eyes locked on his blue ones. This was me, showing my appreciation for the way he opened up for me. Few things made me wetter than having a strong man cum because I asked.

When I had my fill, I settled on the pillow beside him. We were both silent for a moment, our minds in different places.

“Will you cum for me now?” The question lingered in the air between us.

I answered by way of parting my thighs and settling a hand between them.


  1. I NEED to try this with my husband! I haven’t read such an erotic description of masturbation before! My husband has big hands and slender fingers (guitar player’s hands) and when he grips and strokes himself, the visual is incredible! In 32 years of making love, I have seen his semen spurt out of his member (maybe) a half-dozen times. The last time was when I helped him with his post-vasectomy sample. That was a utilitarian masturbation and though we were on a very tight time constraint, I had a deep instinctual urge to take him right there! Oh…he’s in store for a treat tonight! Or, perhaps it is me!

    Mrs. Warm Creme

      1. Cara,

        We had such a wonderful night because of your post! At his moment of release, I couldn’t hold myself back. I took his offering into my mouth and it seemed as though he couldn’t stop! Being the erotic woman that I am, I moved up to him, holding his gift, and gave it up to him in a deep, passionate kiss! This entire encounter was so amazing but it was a precursor to an even more exciting evening!

        Thank you for inspiring me (us)!!!

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