#MasturbationMonday I Touch It

Back to play? I’ll make it worth your while then.


It was God-awful hot! A haze seemed to paint the air both inside and out. She couldn’t take off enough clothes or lay still enough to cool off.

She’d stripped down to her skin and sprawled out on her bed with a glass of half melted ice. Anything to relieve the fierce heat.

Trailing ice cubes from her collarbone to her belly button, she let the water melt into the indent of her navel. Well, she did that with the first cube. Let it move innocently from point A to point B to cool her down. Expect the second cube made a trek around her nipple, raising the bud to a point. Then the other demanded attention with the same urgency.

Her thighs parted of their own volition the moment she reached her waist with the half melted cube. A different type of moisture trickled from her cunt as she circled her clit, making it cool and wet. She shivered as more goosebumps popped up along her stomach. The water dribbled down, tickling her labia and everything in between.

She reached for another cube and encountered all water. With the chill dissipating, she found she needed relief of a different kind. It propelled her out of bed and into the bathroom.

It was mere minutes before she immersed herself under the cool spray. As much as she just wanted to dip her hands down and play in her own wetness, she grabbed the body wash instead. Her pretense of cleaning herself lasted until she started soaping her breasts.

She couldn’t wait. One hand pinched her nipple and soapy fingers slid deep into her pussy. She conjured up the replay of her last lover. The way he’d bend her forward and fuck her so hard she’d shout with the force of her climax.

In and out, quick fingers thrusting in frenzied movements. Cold water sloshed over her heated body unnoticed. All she wanted was that glorious peak. So close, tightening her belly, tingling along every nerve…

When it came, she keened. Senseless babbles fell from her lips as it rushed over her until her knees weakened and she folded down into the tub.

Her hair plastered to her face and she shuddered with the last of her orgasm. She loved the heat of summer.


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