Unedited sketch

I wake to him in my room. The darkness his cover, his hand over my mouth my gag.

He tells me not to look. Said he’d beat me until I couldn’t move, and I try to listen. I try because I’m scared shitless he’ll hurt me.

He turns me to my stomach, presses my face into the mattress, and yanks my ass in the air. He strips me of my pajama bottoms and my panties, pressing his denim-clad cock into my naked ass.

I squeeze my eyes shut as he cups my pussy. His groan makes me more nervous than I already am, but I make myself stay still.

It’s the sound of his jeans hitting the floor by my bed that pulls my eyes open again. And as I do, I see him.

His reflection shows in my mirror and I watch transfixed as he touches me.

Messy; that’s my thought as I feel and see him press his dick inside me. The moonlight lit his face, showing the shagginess of his hair and the unshaven scruff on his jaw. That scruffy jaw clenches as he thrusts deep, his body leaning over mine, holding my head still as he concentrates on the feel of me.

I watch, as if outside myself, as he takes me, fucks me. Cries spill from my lips, cries that I let out, but don’t hear. They are mine, but not, and I can’t… I can’t keep quiet.

I feel the friction, the brutal rub of him. It continues until my body finally relaxes to ease his way. I have to let him in.

But I watch him in the moonlight. Watch the play of pleasure on his face, watch the controlled thrusts into my body, watch the way he holds me down. I watch every move, my body all his, my mind far off.

His face becomes familiar to me in that time. I know him by the end. I’ll have memories of the feel of him inside me, the shape of his body, and his scent lingering beneath the smell of sex.

“Yes,” he whispers as he climaxes.

The way he shudders, his hips slowing with each pump, will stay with me. I know the warmth of his cum as it paints my insides, and the sounds of his groan as he relaxes on top of me.

His sweat dots my skin, his cum leaks out on my thighs, and his spit clings to my shoulder where he kisses me. Kisses me in thanks.

Even as he leaves me, his promise to be back in my ear, I know him.

“Nick…” I whispered into the darkness too scared to let on that I know.


  1. Cara. Wow! This is so sexy and a little disturbing. But I have fantasies of being awakened by my husband entering me while I’m asleep. I want to see if I can tell if it is his cock penetrating me. I want him to hold me down like this and when he is done, to slip out of the room and out of the house.

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