#MasturbationMonday Mine

Oh man, do I ever look forward to Mondays anymore. Kayla served up another hot prompt so it’s time to play. Check the link to see the gif in action. 


“Come here.”

His tone made her lick her suddenly dry lips as she crossed the room to where he sat in his big chair.

What had she forgotten? She’d waited for him at the door, kneeling with his brandy ready on the side table. She’d fixed his favorite dinner because she’d known he’d had a rough day in the office. She’d worn a pair of panties and nothing else knowing the sight of her bared body would take his mind off things.

He’d walked through the door with a tired sigh and a caress of her head before going into the kitchen without another word. She’d remained at the door while he moved around in the house, unsure of what to do other than wait.

His fatigue and weariness troubled her, but she gave him her silence instead of nagging him.

When he’d called her to him just now, a wave of anxiety streaked through her. His tone was that deep one he used just before he punished her. She’d been unable to sit for two days after disrespecting him in front of guests a few weeks ago.

The look on his face was unreadable and it ratcheted her nerves that much higher.

She went to kneel at his feet, but he stopped her with a shake of his head. It took everything she had not to dance from foot to foot in front of him. He simply watched her, his eyes tracking up and down her body in a way that made her skin prickle with arousal.

“I’m going to spank you, baby.” She opened her mouth to apologize for the unknown infraction, but he stopped her with another head shake. “Not because you’ve been bad, but because I know I need it. Will you give me this?”

She met his eyes and saw the knot of tension adding lines to his face. It was so clear what he needed from her. Obedience of a different kind. A giving of her body so he could release that emotion bottled up in him. She trusted him with her body and knew he would give her pleasure even through the pain.

“Yes, Sir.” She hoped she communicated her obedience through her gaze and words.

He nodded and laid a hand on her thigh. Just his touch, the anticipation of what his hand would do, made heat rush between her thighs.

She stood still as he inched her panties to her thighs and left them there. The air caressing her pussy made her hips wiggle. His hand brushed from hip to hip as though to still her before dipping between to cup her.

“So wet already.” He sighed and slipped two thick fingers into her body. “This pussy, my pussy, so ready for fingers or cock at any moment. It’s the thing I love most about you, baby.”

His thumb pressed on her clit as two fingers thrust in and out. Her eyes dropped to half mast before closing. The pleasure was too much, coupling with the anticipated spanking to bring her to the edge in a few breaths. She clenched around his hand as she came so close to going over.

“Uh uh,” he murmured as he smacked her ass, jolting her. “Not yet.”

He pulled her down over his lap, positioning her so her ass lifted high enough. She knew her pussy peeped out between her legs, could feel the wetness coating her inner thighs.

“I need you to be my good girl and take this for me, baby.” He caressed her bottom as he spoke to her, his fingers brushing her pouting cunt.

She relaxed into him. “I will, Sir.”

He didn’t say another word, but the first strike said it all.


Her breath whooshed out. It stung for a moment before the low burn morphed and settled in her cunt.


He continued spanking her, warming her cheeks, jolting her forward each time.

Her ass throbbed, her cunt throbbed. She’d cum if she wasn’t careful, something she wasn’t sure he’d allow. The intensity of it picked up until her gasps turned into low cries of mingled pleasure/pain.

He carried on, his hand a steady swing, going until she teared up. Her hips lifted as though seeking his hand even as those tears flowed down her face.

One last strike fell right across the spot where her cunt peeked out and she came hard.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed out as her body quaked. “Oh, God. Daddy…”

He drove two fingers into her body, spanking harder on her a hot cheeks with his free hand, and sending her careening into another orgasm. She sobbed and squirmed on his lap, rubbing against his stiff erection.

“That’s it, baby. Give daddy what he needs. I need you to cum again for me.” He was demanding, spanking and fingering her to startling heights.

She whimpered, unsure she could crest another wave without shaking apart.

“Give it to me,” he demanded over the wet squelch of her body.

And it was there, she was there. She was falling over the abyss, crying out as she gave him exactly what he wanted.

When it was over, she dropped limp over his lap. He let her lay, his hands petting all along her body with a light touch. She felt warm and loved just from his care of her.

He brushed her hair back from her face as she turned to look at him with glazed eyes. The tension was gone from his face and he smiled down at her.

“How are you, baby?” His gentle voice washed over her. “Feel good?”

She returned his smile with a sleepy one of her own. “Mmhmm.”

He cupped her cheek and held her gaze. While the heat of his arousal burned bright there, it was overshadowed by an emotion that made her heart happy.

“Thank you, baby. You are so good to me.”

She pressed a kiss into his palm, happy to be his. “You’re welcome, Sir.”


  1. What a way to wake up in the morning! I am wet BEFORE my shower and my husband is nowhere near to take care of my needs after reading this juicy delight, cara! MM is going to be a reality between your post and my husband’s recounting of some of my/our events! Funny, when he started writing these, they were SUPPOSED to be ABOUT masturbation. Now, that is exactly what I need to do! 😀

  2. He nodded and laid a hand on her thigh. Just his touch, the anticipation of what his hand would do, made heat rush between her thighs. — Loved this line. So much tension there… lots of passion. Great spanking scene, very visual – I could almost have been there… ! I want one now 🙂

  3. This one is such an orgasmic erotica. I could close my eyes and imagine the motion of the girl while being spanked.

    Cara – Are you sure you have not had Ds for a good time in your relationships?

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