Bent over, waiting for you

Unedited sketch

I’m waiting for you.

I’m waiting for you, can’t you see me?

I’m bent over the arm of the couch with my legs spread so my cunt is visible as you sit just across from me.

I see you.

I see you so clearly.

Glancing over my shoulder, my ass wiggling back and forth, I see your cock standing tall from your lap. Your pants to your thighs and your hands at your side as I tease you.

I’d spread my cheeks, let the wink of my bottom hole entice you. Let the wetness of my cunt harden you more.

Which will you take first?

That sweet, wet cunt that will envelope you like a glove or that virgin hole that you know I’ve been preparing for you?

I purse my lips and watch the dart of your eyes and the play of indecision on your face.

I am yours. Open and ready wherever you decide to have me first.

The sweet anticipation of which place you’ll sink into fills my stomach with a flutter. It translates into arousal that quickly covers my inner thighs.

You have me

You have me so take me

I see your eyes light up and I know you’ve picked. And like a good girl, I lean forward, press my face to the leather of the sofa, and wait patiently for you to take what’s yours.


  1. Rawr! I love/hate doing the enticing-wiggle-wait thing. Love it because I know something good will happen – eventually. Hate it because I’m an impatient girl who wants it NOW. πŸ˜‰

    1. So true, Kayla. Mr. WC likes to make me wait for him. He is a connoisseur of delivering anticipation. He has such self control that I have had to resort to holding him down and taking him. He is going to do this to me…soon! πŸ˜€

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