#MasturbationMonday Finish

Darn my site and not playing the gifs! Go see Kayla and this week’s offerings.


God, I need to cum.

I’m right there on the edge. Wet and thinking of you. Thinking of your cock sliding between my fingers and deep, sooo deep, inside me.

My thighs part more, my hips lift off the sheets wet against my back. I need you, my imagination conjures you so easily.

I’m picturing you staring at my cunt, licking your lips as you gaze at my plump, slick flesh. My toes curls as I hear your voice directing, demanding, driving me on. I rub my clit, imagining your mouth closing around it and sucking hard. A needy moan falls from my lips at the thought.

Just pressing deeper inside, feeling my walls flutter, bowing my back under the sensation. I quiver and toss my head, seeking just that one more touch that’ll set me off.

I return to my clit, rubbing tight circles around the sensitive flesh to thoughts of you fucking me, finishing me off, cumming inside of me…

And I’m detonating.

The orgasm explodes through me with so much force my breath freezes in my chest. I ride my hand, seeking the waves even as they crash hard over me. The keening sound of my voice fills the room and I am swept away with thoughts of you.

When it releases me, when you release me, I am panting hard. A sheen of sweat covers my skin, the fan cooling it so goosebumps pop up.

I sigh and release, pulling my wet hand from my body and laying it on my stomach. You would’ve licked each digit clean if you were there, instead the fluid mixes with my sweat.

You have to know I wish you were here.


  1. I am trying to get myself ready to get out the door and I make the mistake of checking WP! I read Will’s recounting of an evening from earlier this year and then I see this! OMG! So hot and sexy, Cara! Your post goes hand in hand (I had to insert THAT pun!!) with his. It is almost like you are telling my side of his story. Delicious!

  2. And I’m detonating… now that’s what I call expression. Loved the entire piece, hotter than hell, but the ‘I’m detonating,’ I especially loved. You do have a way with words. I believe I’ve said that before LOL 🙂

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