Wrote this 2 years ago to the day. Included this in my brief attempt at self-publishing and just felt it deserved a reposting.

The sour smell of fear permeated the living room. Dark spots of indeterminate origin stained the blue carpet. Blood, she surmised with a delicate sniff. Furniture lay toppled, shredded, or totally demolished on the floor as she picked her way slowly into the house.

She drew in a breath looking for another, far more potent smell. A number of cloying scents tickled her nose like anger and regret, but not that subtle sweetness she needed desperately. Not this room.

Bypassing the kitchen, she made her way down the long hallway to the bedrooms. The house seemed to groan under the pain of recent violent deaths and she knew she played with fire being there, but…

There it was. Her nostrils flared wide as she caught a whiff of her drug of choice.


Her heart beat out a rapid tattoo as she turned into a room. The door was ripped from its hinges and hung like a broken wing off the frame. Blood, fresh and bright red, splashed the white walls and curtains in a gruesome pattern. A body – man or woman; she didn’t know – lay broken like a rag doll on the large four-poster bed. So much blood.

A man stood in the middle of the room.The same blood splashed on the wall covered his naked frame.

Tall, with heavy musculature, his body appeared seemed sculpted from marble. That beautiful body hid the soul of monster, a demon of the worst kind. But it was his actions that kept her riveted. His hand fisted around his engorged shaft, pumping up and down with rapid strokes that she felt in her own body.

The lust was so strong she leaned against the wall for support. She sucked in the intoxicating aroma of his desire, filling her soul with the scent. He pulsed with lust; it surged from his frame as he jacked off to the evidence of his demented rampage. And like the needy succubus she was, she drank deep, taking every bit of his murderous lust into herself. It swirled on her tongue, zipped in her blood, and pulsed hot between her thighs.

She was nearly drowning in it. Her approaching orgasm tightened inside her.

He tossed his head back, a roar exploding from his lips as cum shot from his cock. Spurts of pearly white mixed with the brilliant red on the floor. She couldn’t stifle her sharp cry as her climax ripped through her body, sending her to her knees. Her body clenched and released as she fought to catch her breath, to see through the red-hot lust she was swimming in.

She heard him approach, but was too weak to move away. He yanked her head back, bringing hot tears of pain to her eyes. A malevolent light glittered in his eyes as he looked down at her, his smile spoke of a promise of more pain.

His lust flared once more as he pulled her to her feet, uttering in a silky voice, “Have you come to play as well, little succubus?”


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