1. That’s why the feeldoe looked good, but I was/am concerned about control. It’s already a movement that’s unfamiliar and I didn’t want to be more awkward

      2. yeah, I can imagine…what position to use so you can move easiest…doggie style may be easier…against a wall?? if heights are right…over a table…decisions and positions galore, oh my. It just sounds like fun play to explore.

      1. One thing Andrew said to me was that I should think about whether I wanted to do it – because I liked that he was dominant and he said it could change the power dynamic and I could see him differently. Gave me pause for sure…but never got the chance to decide.

      2. I’ve had the chance to top a little in the past so I know I like it. I can get aggressive sexually on occasion so having a love respond to (want) that makes me hot.

  1. OMGawd!!! Have you done this before? One of the funnest/sexiest experiences ever when I pegged B. Matter of fact we are long overdue so thank you for the reminder. 😉

      1. Oh yeah! Totally hot! Pegging is new for us, but we had done prostate massagers, butt plugs and dildos previously. I’d love to see him actually getting fucked by another man, that would be the ultimate turn on.

        But feel free to ask him, I don’t recall any complaints on his end. 🙂

      2. The women of WP are going to be the undoing of my reserved and quiet outer self. What is even more shocking is that they are doing it by transforming my wife into one of them and getting to me through her. I am starting to see that this place is Troy. Does this mean that Savannah is a metaphorical horse? 😮

      3. Now, you KNOW that I want details after your fun is done. Be detailed. I am VERY interested in helping WILL “open up” a little. 😉

      4. Yeah, Will is easy to have fun with. I enjoy sharing that side of us with our WP friends. 😉

  2. This is not something that appeals to me. I mean, if I was asked nicely by someone, then I’d probably give it a try at least once, but it’s not a fantasy of mine. I guess I don’t have that dominant streak. Or it is expressed in different ways 😉

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