#MM Fail

Yes, a masturbation fail.

I worked a multiple long shifts during daylight hours and just couldn’t get to this week’s MasturbationMonday prompt.

A damn shame considering that’s some hot stuff right there!

Wanted to let people know I’m not a MM dropout, I dropped the ball this week. I’m hanging my head, folks!

Vacation starts for me so I’ll endeavor to get next week’s post written up and scheduled before I leave the country.


Forgive me?


  1. You don’t deserve forgiveness. Why? Because you deserve a break instead! Good heavens, Cara! You’ve carried the MM banner and because of you, Savannah and I learned about this weekly delectable delicacy and were prompted to dabble with a few mediocre attempts. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder, take a breath and recharge for next week.

      1. Thanks, Cara. Yours are the gold standard. Mine are as mundane as my life. Savannah seems to write with a Cara-esque flair in how she describes her experiences.

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